University or Scotts? (chinch bug)

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kacj777, May 16, 2008.

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    Consider the fact that a Homeowner is asking for help. Confusing a homeowner with professional products really doesn't help them. Most homeowner who are here asking question, really don't want to spend $ 8.00 a thousand for a product, Heck I wouldn't spend $ 8.00 a thousand for a Pesticide.
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    Some cheapskate home owners won't pay $8/M for a service let alone the materials!

    Good job trying tough!
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    down here with the chinch bug problem being widely reconizible now i find just the opposite. i'm on my second pallet now
  4. Ric

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    I am Glad it works for you and Thank Heavens I am smart enough not to spend that kind of money. I know Central Florida is having a real resistances problem with Chinch Bugs. But the rest of the Country is not experiencing the heavy Chinch Bug resistances of Central Florida. We are starting to see Chinch Bug Resistances here in South Florida. I believe this a direct result of Dursban being taken off the market. It is Diazinon that I miss more than Dursban because it also got Grubs.

    But a look at COMMON SENSE is needed here. Green Grass is lovely to look at and walk on. But in today's economy of Mass Foreclosures you can't eat grass. You can't bag it and sell it for hay. So how much is the average homeowner going to pay for Green Grass?????
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    Do a search for has some great info that helped me last year with same exact problem.

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