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Unknown model Ryan aerator - HELP!!


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The trenches
I would like to get another aerator. Has anyone here heard of a Ryan model "Reno Thin" or something like that? I have an opportunity to get this aerator with a 4 hp Honda for $500.00 Cdn. New Bluebird is another $2700.00

This is what I know about the aerator;

It has two chain drive, sold axle, four wheel independent steering, throttle is like a motorcycle hand grip type, four tines, and the 4 Hp Honda.

Any suggestions on what year or model this is and any comments about the machine itself? To buy or not to buy??


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Flint, Michigan
I thought the Reno-thin was a dethatcher. Maybe I'm wrong.....
Ryan, which is owned by Textron, has made many different versions of the rennovation machine over the years. Some had hollow tines, some were dethatchers, some where powered seeders, etc.
If this is in fact a Ryan, there will be a plate affixed to the frame of the machine giving serial and model numbers.
Call Textron's tech support number and ask them about parts availability.
I am not sure what the exchange rate between the canuck dollar and us - sounds inexpensive enough.
Good luck and keep me posted - any further questions on Ryans, give me a pm.


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The trenches
Thanks for the advice..

I bought the aerator and it has been dependable enough to pay for itself already!!