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Discussion in 'Vermeer' started by RedWolf, Apr 22, 2006.

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    Hey Jon maybe you can help me out.I have a old stump grinder that needs cutter teeth.I know its a Vermeer grinder because When i ran the wisconsin engine spec number it came up as for a Vermeer grinder.I got the grinder from a city sale and the plate was painted over and when me guys tryed to clean it they messed it all up.Can you help.The teeth are so bad it takes forever to grind.
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    Chances are if it had that engine it would be a 630 series grinder. I would check with your local dealer in Jacksonville on 11550 Phillips Highway as they probably know a little about the history of that machine. I would also check for the serial number which is either located on the tongue of the unit or on the center post where the pin is pulled to allow the unit to raise and lower. As far as sharpening the teeth it is usually more cost effective to put a new set on then the time it takes to properly sharpen the tooth. The carbide insert will wreck a lot a sharpening wheels. Hope this helps
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    Sorry it took so long to get back with you.They where a big help and i got what i needed.I started do a grinding job for a friend and was shot four time in the back.I got out of the hospatle a week ago and im still not all there yet.I am going to try again friday and hopfuly i wont get shot at again.
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    Thats pretty crazy! What did you get shot with? Get well soon man.


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