Unlicensed schmucks

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I have around 4 LCO's operating my my town. 3 are unlicensed and doing apps. Anyone else completely tired of this?
  2. Ric

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    Not only am I tired of it but they charge more per application than I do. In this economy the State Ag dept isn't going to do a thing to stop it. Fla Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control has pretty much come out and said they only deal with compliance and not Enforcement. Unlike a Law enforcement officer the inspector must have physical proof of an in-faction because their word isn't good like a Police officer who only has to see you run a stop sign to give a ticket.

    What do they mean by Compliance and not enforcement? They will only go after Legal guys to make sure they are compliant with all the rules & regulations.

  3. huntergreen

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    We have several providing treatments with out applicator license, contractor license and proper insurance which you are supposed to have all of them in Georgia. Our Dept of Ag inspector is very good but covers 23 counties in North Georgia. Our license fee's (government term for tax) have more then doubled in the last two years. But if your operating illegally what does it matter?
  4. grandview (2006)

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    Everyday you see them. Lawn boys selling doing lawn apps.
  5. WestGaPineStraw

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    I know a few personally, they mow as well and cannot excel in either.
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  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Lawn schmuck is as lawn schmuck does
  7. charmill26

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    no point in being pissed about what you have no control over. keep selling on quality and let them run themselves into the ground
  8. jbturf

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    ya right in my town today, 3man crew doing a comercial complex, one mowing one blowing, and one walking around in flipflops and shorts n tee blasting stuff witha hand can:hammerhead: , i considered saying hello, but realized they were all speaking spanish and the canman was cleary a young kid, oh well
  9. ArTurf

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    I take the names and/or license plate #'s and turn them in to the state plant board. They are required to investigate. I know for a fact it has stopped several. One came up to me and threatened to "get even" with me for turning him in.
  10. ted putnam

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    I was pleasantly surprised earlier this year. One of my guys was asked for his agents registration this year by a plant board inspector while treating a local Dentist office that is a long time customer. He told my guy he was making sure that we paid our fees. After looking at my guys current applicator card he said, "you've got all your supplies labeled...right? "You've got all your PPE...right?."Like I said, I just wanted to make sure you guys have paid your license fees and are all current." All was good.

    I was shocked and like I said, pleasantly surprised. IMO, for the most part, that's what they should be doing...not visiting licensed individuals at their place of business for a "white glove test" unless of course, there has been some kind of complaint filed.

    I am in Central Arkansas and from what he described he pretty much has the NE quadrant of the state and covers it himself.

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