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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clc2003, Sep 28, 2004.

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    This is a long story so I will shorten the best I can.

    Got a new customer earlier this year. He got a job offer in Florida so he took a vacation down there and asked me to take care of property(I mowed for him for about a month before he left). Told me to mail bill to his address and it would be forwarded to him. So I did. I got the next months payment like I was supposed to. The July bill got misplaced and I found it about two weeks before I billed him for August. I continued service since the mistake was mine. Then he writes me back saying that his soon to be ex-wife told him the lawn wasn't mowed so she hired a new lco to mow for him. He said that they mowed three times in August/Sept. I wrote him back telling him that that bill was for July and that he should be receiving August bill shortly. I also told him that I never quit mowing his yard and that it was mowed every seven days like the other neighbors that I mow for. Since I got this letter I have quit mowing his property. I just mowed the neighbors today and his place hasn't been mowed since I last mowed it, at least two weeks. I gave this customer business cards on two occations, and my cards have two phone #'s and my address. But yet he never called me when the yard was supposedly not being mowed. Yet he mailed me his note about the bill that he says I didn't do the work for. I havn't heard from him since writing him back, didn't even give me a phone# to call him back. If he decides not to pay, does anyone have any ideas on what I should do to get paid, ETC.? He owes me $360!!!
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    Write him a letter and let him know that no one else is mowing it. His Ex-Wife might have just been messing with him to get some money from him.
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    I like the way these people do this, It's really slik. It's never their fault. They always have some long story to tell about 2 or 3 other people, that don't exist. One of these people are always a trusted relative that would never lie. There are always over laping messages or nuanswered messages, not returned. Never an attempt to contact you. They seem to think they are the only ones to ever try to screw the lawn guy. What they don't know is, this happens 1000's of times every year. It's amazing to me, at what point in time were they going to pick up the phone and talk to you. Do they know who you are or not. Have they ever paid you or not. It's just an act. There were no mistakes made, and even if there were mistakes on your part, so what. Pay up, you did the work, you get the money. Do what ever you got to do get paid. This time of the year these common low live types start falling out of the woodwork. To me, they are the same as the common jerks that rob a 7-11. They need to be told what their station in live is.
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    Real quick check Iowa's laws on mechanics liens. In Illinois you can file a mechanics lien against a piece of property for work you have done or materials you have supplied and not been paid for, without first obtaining a court judgement. There are time limits as to how long you have to file the lien. Last time I filed on I added $150 for filing charges and expenses. The gal was trying to stiff me for a $100 cut on a house she was trying to sell. Lien showed up on title search, I got my $250 before she could sell house.
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    Now this is excellent! Never thought of this one.
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    Try and contact the gentlemen again but also start the process that Steve122 outlined. That guarantees you will see the money. It may take some time but they will end up selling the house at some point especially if they are getting divorced.

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    Ditto the lein but I would also take pics. I use a digital with date stamp on it. send pic with warning that if payment is not received within 10 days you will proceed with the lein


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