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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. Their out there, their everywhere, and you seen them every now and then.

    Don't just pass them off becuase you can't please them, make them profitable.

    Charge them more for the services you provide.

    They will arguee and/or try to bargin the prices with you, but they have been through many LCO's and know when they are talking to some one who will do what they want or want for free or less. Always make them sign off on what they require. Don't do the work on good faith, they will burn you.

    I have a few they keep coming back to me, but every time they leave and come back they get an increase in price. I always, I mean always make them sign contracts.

    I had one guy he was so anal, he didn't want any weeds growing in his rock beds, so he would weekly round up the weeds. I guess his back hurt, and I was on the road to KY for the EXPO, he got the guys to put all the rocks that blew out back in the beds and also pull all the weeds in the beds, because he had been to, busy to spray them. He would never of paid for the service, and he knew better than to ask. I would not do anything at his house other than mow becuase he was to cheap for my taste. He won't pay he don't get. Well I billed him for the pulling of the weeds, but not for the rocks. But to what I am trying to say is, he is a very profitable customer cause I charge him an arm and a leg to cut his lawn, and he can't find some one else to do it.

    Don't complain about them, charge them.

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    LGF I've had some customers in the past that were total PITA customers and you couldn't pay me enough to maintain their property. Sometimes it's just not worth all the grief. I do agree with you though, if you must keep them, make it worth your while. I'm in a position where I can be very picky on which new accounts I'll take on. Good luck.
  3. bob

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    I'd just get rid of the PITA customers. Why should I go to a property that I hate working at, because I know the owner is a pain.
  4. roscioli

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    good advice, but your story is tough to follow
  5. PR0 TURF

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    I agree Bob...theres too many possible customers out there to hang on to the PITA's. We try to drop a minimum of 5 PITA accounts each year...whether it be the customer is the pita...or the lawn is just a pita to mow. But LGF...you're right...if you are stuck with one for a season...don't be hesitant to go hard on em!
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    1st of all, good thread so far....

    Second, the money v/s stress ratio hs to be very good for me to put up with a sorry customer or take one back. I have taken some back that dropped me before. They are paying dearly for it too. But there are some I have dropped or have dropped me that couldn't possibly afford to get me back. Like I said the money v/s stress ratio has to be very good!

    :realmad: :nono: payup or :waving:
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    You bring up some good things.

    But there are some people on this site that I have to wonder how they have any customers. With all the bickering and harda$$.
    They have to jump on everyone. I know that after I type this they will be jumpin' on my back. But hey I have big shoulders and a BIGGER Behind.....

    But, Man how they stay in business is mind boggling. They throw fits on the site just some of those PITA customers. I try to use clam and cool approach to these people. I look at these PITA problems as Opportunities.

    But sometimes you have to cut them loose, after you make a pile of $$$ of them....
  8. cos

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    I have a lady now that I can fore see that she is a pain. I will jack up the cost of biz due to aggrevating circumstances. If she decides to do biz with someone else, then she didn't get the best of me. payup
  9. MOW ED

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    Got one myself, like ya said - charge em if you are gonna keep em. I know I do excellent work on a daily basis. He wants better than excellent and I can do the time consuming extras or open the gate inwards as opposed to outwards for him. (just one anal example)
    By the way he was a first time customer that will repeat with me again and looking at my books he donated the most money to my childrens college fund last year.
    If you are gonna keep em - charge em.
  10. fatboy5803

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    I'm fairly new, back in the Lawn care, haven't had the opportunity yet to pull this strategy yet, but I will remember this thread!! Thanks everybody...


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