Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Island Lawn, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. Island Lawn

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    I made an appt. last week to get my van lettered today.
    They told me to drop it off this morning and be prepared to leave it all day.

    I did.

    So, I didn't work today.

    By 4:30 this afternoon, I hadn't heard any thing. I called them.

    "Oh. We're sorry. We didn't........blah blah blah.......LONG RAMBLING EXCUSES.......blah blah blah............."

    Oh well, saved me $250!

    I have since talked myself out of getting lettering for a vehicle that I hope to replace next year (or 2)!
  2. JML

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    Boy you seem to find all the unprofessional people out there..
  3. landscaper3

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    Next time ride around and look at the signs on the buildings! Find out who did them and have them do it, we have all our trucks and trailers lettered up along with our 4foot by 8foot sign at our shop. We did this procedure and found out 60%of the people were going to this one company so we did to, yes we paid more but you get what you pay for and we are always compimented on our trucks and the logo's and lettering.
  4. diginahole

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    If you already have all the business you can handle, then by all means, pass up on lettering your truck. Otherwise $250 is money well spent for a years worth of the best advertising available to us landscapers. Don't give up so easily, there is someone out there who wants your buisness.
  5. Stonehenge

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    The company I work with will drive to your job site and letter your trucks while you work! If I recall they didn't charge more than $20 to do that. And it only took about an hour or so to get it done. (I don't recall exactly how much time - I was working :) )
  6. eggy

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    Been there, Yes I am very critical of things, and the company name on the sides of the truck have to look perfect...one fellow who did one first well,,, lets say didnt get ay return buisness....I ended up paying someone else to reletter the truck...

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