Unreal Customer Expectations

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jmill88, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Jmill88

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    It has been over 90 degrees for 12 days in a row and over 100 for three days and I get customers that don't water their lawn complain that their grass is turning brown and they have one or two weeds. I try to explain that there is more to a healthy lawn than just throwing down fertilizer and herbicides, but it seems they expect me to solve every problem. Just venting. Anyone go through this year after year?
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    Type an informative newsletter and distribute it each round to your customers. Have different and fun articles highlighting and discreetly explaining your expectations for your 50/50 partnership with your customer. Tell them what to look out for and what not to be concerned with. Then... VIOLA! Phone calls go down allowing you to stick to your routes, customer trust is up which generally develops a higher level of patience from the customer, and you are one step closer to bridging the gap of constant communication (which is needed if you are going to establish a successful company).
  3. Jmill88

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    This is a very good point. I have thought of doing a newsletter, but always put it off. Do you type up your own newsletter or do you have them made? What program do you use if you do them yourself? Thanks for the input.
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    The newsletter is an idea I like alot.... I send some stuff out with my contracts, but some customers don't read it.... they are the same ones that don't irrigate, and then even lie about not irrigating. I eventually got a moisture meter. Oh, so you watered? When? For how long? Then the moisture meter comes out. BUSTED......
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    I hear ya. Anyways, I do more that just fert/weed so it is not my main source of income. When a customer approaches me about a fert program I ask them if they have a sprinkler system and if they use it. If the customer says no I explain. I will make your lawn look great in the spring but in the Summer I could throw every chemical in the world on your lawn and it will not make one bit of difference if you do not water your lawn in the hot summer months. I never make an estimate for the customer before giving them this little rant about watering "PERSONALLY". If the customer is turned off by the fact that they don't want to water, that is fine with me. I do not need the grief from these people.
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    Microsoft Word 2003 or above is perfect for this, not only can you save it as a .docx which is the default file type for the Word 2007 document you can select "save as" change the file type to web page which is a .htm file, and distrubute the file to e-mail cutomers also if you have a place to store it online you can advertise the link because a .htm file opens with Internet Explorer by default.

    I teach this area of computers at a local college so if anyone wants some help with a newsletter I'd be more then happy. PM me or post here
  7. Heidi J.

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    News letters are very informative and cut down your service calls a lot! I did them in the past once or twice a year, now I do them every app. I do them myself in MS publisher. Very easy to do. I offer tips on mowing and watering and give information on fungus's, disease, grubs and sod webworm. I also use it to push our refer-a-friend program and offer coupons to our customers. I hand these out to new customers as well. The more informed your customers are, the less of a PITA they become:laugh:

    Good luck,
    Heidi J.

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