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    How do you "unstripe" a lawn? I mean to get it looking all the same with no tire tracks marking it up? I was as big of a striping fanatic as anyone but I was looking through a book I have, Ortho's all about lawns and they have some sharp lookin' lawns in there where you can't tell what kind of mower they used on it at all.. no marks or tracks at all whatsoever! I like the look actually and I'm interested in sharing ideas as to how is the "best" way to do this! I agree a stripe pattern hides imperfections and stripes do look nice on most any lawn but on some nice lawns it would look nice also if you could make it look like these pictures I have seen.
    Please do not start a pissin' match over this, I just want to discuss how it is done, because I do NOT know how!
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    That's a tough one for me, too. I know my old Toro 266H 48" deck would not stripe no matter what pattern you drove it. My neighbor mows his three acres with a Crapsman rider and I've never seen anything that resembles a stripe on his yard.

    There are times when stripe really make the yard while other times stripes detract especially when the homeowner was to showcase the flower/plant garden.
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    Here are some ideas.

    -Level the deck
    -Use a lighter mower
    -Dont mow when its damp.

    This should really help.
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    I agree with you about some lawns looking better without stripes. Small lawns that are twisty or wind around landscaped beds look better without stripes. I try and mow in opposite directions every week on these lawns to hide stripes. Peco vacuum lets me aim the chute wherever to make cutting easier.
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    Striping lawns is not a focus of any lawn company that I know of in my area, although I do like the look personally. As a matter of fact, I did not know that it was such a big topic at all with the primarily residential market until I found this site. I of course knew of "big industry" such as college and professional athletic groundskeepers etc. using a striping system. I have never purposely "striped" a lawn. At times it will appear striped, but usually fades immediatley with the growth rate here. I also change directions occassionally as to not cause a distinct tire pattern in the turf over a period of time. I sometimes mow in a circular pattern and overlap the previous line trail by about 6 inches, therefore eliminating the distinct pattern left by the machine...Most of my lawns end up looking like what you are describing, a level, clean cut lawn with no tracks. Its tough however with a large machine, the weight just does not let you do it sometimes, especially in sprinklered property, where the turf is not as compacted etc......Just my experience....Eric
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    dhicks - i'm not talking about the whole stripe I mean how to make it appear like no one touched it except that the blades of grass are all even.
    Jimbo - I'm not sure that I have ever found to make much of a difference, and I don't want to re adjust it constantly for different jobs!
    sdlawndog - that gives me an idea -unless this was what you were saying- mow it in stripes one week and then the next week go over the same stripes but in the opposite direction on each one. This confuses the grass and may actually get it to stand up halfway decent..then next 2 weeks do the same but in a different direction... hmm that might work. I know you can mow perpendicular to the direction that the lawn is most often viewed from (if house faces road, mow parrallel with road for example). That helps I know. Mowing shorter if you can also helps I know... thats a big help right there but then that brings in a whole new set of problems....
    taylorlawn - I know it depends on the type of grass you are working with.... some lawns do not look good unless they are striped because of the weeds and cutting height (if you don't stripe longer lawns they look matted to me anyway)

    Thanks for the ideas - you're gettin me thinking!
  7. Tvov

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    I don't know of any mower that won't "stripe" at all, some may stripe less so that the stripes will grow out quickly. If you do a "tractor pattern", go around in circles, the stripes will be less noticeable, but you are going to still have some pattern in the lawn. I believe that most of the lawns that you see in ads that look like they have no stripes are photographed a few days after mowing (or a week +), so that the pattern grows out and fades (as Taylorlawn said). Also, if you walk over a lawn using a backpack blower you can sometimes essentially "erase" the stripes or pattern.
  8. Nick

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    It's called a 21 inch push mower. Round and round
  9. Its called a reel mower
    that the only way that i can think of . i`ve seen it done . not a singe reel, reel mower but like a gang of them, same as golf courses use. I know a guy who owns his own private golf course and mows most of it with a 16 foot gang set of reel mowers he pulls behind a JD tractor with turfs, it looks like it was cut with a lazer. like a purely green carpet
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    Go the opposite way as the stripes were formed. This will usually "erase" the existing stripes.

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