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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Brian B, Jan 29, 2007.

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    I love the cigarette hanging out of his mouth....Real nice touch...haha
  2. PROCUT1

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    I just browsed that whole site.....Everyone should check it out.....I cant stop laughing
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    Me too... Some of the pics of just the grass looked decent. I especially liked the one of the guy plowing thru water and mud with the viper. "getting the jobdone in all conditions" and totally wrecking your property... The cigs. and lack of shirts... That must have really appealed to the 16 year old girls. Any property owner would ahve FAST steered clear of that bunch.
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    Guessing that is why they are doing video production now. Or whatever the announcement was. Wonder if they update on a regular basis?
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    While I can't give you the names because I flat out don't know, I can give you several reasons why...

    On that note, it usually isn't just one reason that does it, but more likely a combination that proves fatal. To underline this point, I dress much like those guys on Nick's Lawn Care do, and while looks may drive some business away, it's nothing some extra advertising can't fix (as one example).
    Besides, while we laugh at Nick and his crew's appearance, there might've been a lady or two who had little problem with it.
    They've all got short hair, and they are all in good shape from the look of things.

    Thou from Nick's picture, here is what I gain did it:
    - All of his friends work for him, and a crew of 8 for 1 truck driving his labor through the roof.
    - The rider and the Z (one is wrong, the other isn't needed), and the pistol grips tell me he spent too much and not all on the right stuff.

    So, but anyway:
    - Failure to save up / have enough initial capital funding (and taking out loans if as a result or otherwise).
    - Buying too much equipment / spending too much AND/OR buying the wrong stuff.
    - Not enough initial advertisement.
    - Pricing too low (guilty).
    - Working for and with friends, family, and / or neighbors.
    - Lack of experience / kowledge (thou this is way general and kinda bs, but still).
    - Lack of an external support system (such as lawnsite, for example).
    - Lack of a plan, and failure to follow it properly if it exists (flying by the seat of your pants).
    - Failure to predict and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances (such as equipment down time).
    - Lack of DRIVE (mojo) AND stamina > Because you need a whole LOT of this, then it has to last more than a few years.
    - Failure to properly and effectively divide the work load (ex.: 2 or 3 workers per truck max.)

    well idk, I'm sure there's more.
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    look for people selling all there equipment, i remember the one guy selling his scag tiger cub as he was going hungry through the winter also look for cheap equipment owners /sellers .
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    Hello Brian, is your teacher thinkin about goin into buisness on the side?.......Now on to "Reasons of failure" 1st you need a unique niche to attract clients on the higher end or a service thats provides something "Everybody" needs............2ndly you need an honest assesment of what things cost? [ most guys figure that if they've covered their materials and paid their help or themselves everything is going Great?], the sad reality is , buisness done this way has a few flaws........How are essential "Day to Day" operations costs paid? [ gas, insurance of all kinds, advertising,equipment, repairs, and that 14-day trip to Figi in the winter?].........another key area people make a "Hugh Mistake" is with the labour pool........often they will hire people for cash [ off the books] which over time creates a downward spirl effect......."Think about this", if you hired a "Competent guy and paid him $15-25 per hour".........he could speak the "National languge", be given a written work order,tend to the equipment under his charge, drive the truck and have a good lic., have an open repore w/ the clients, attend educational seminars to further his understanding and appreciation of the work he is doing for you,.......in effect he would promote You and Your Company on a daily basis............Now back to the "Cash Company", by saving some upfront cash, the owner now has to spend more time w/ his crew, repair / maintain the equipment, drive the truck, be the main communication between the clients, [ is he really saving any money?].........[ is he / or his company projecting an image that attracts better clients?]..........[ does he ever get Peace of Mind knowing his crew is doing a good job? or does he worry about what next $1000.00 dollar piece of equipment will bite the dust at the end of the day from lack of attension?].................Brian,. I'm gonna leave you with these two possibilities why some buisness's fail?- Good Luck- Saxon:usflag: :usflag: :usflag: :usflag: :usflag: :usflag: :usflag: :usflag: :usflag:
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    Its company image. This was part of his advertising... No amount of advertising will mitigate the image he is projecting for his company. If your going to advertise then clean up. You, your equipment and all involved. Its not just little old ladies that balk at the image nick projects. I would be not let someone looking like that crew near my house.

    Don't show picks of running a mower thought water and creating ruts.

    Again, if implemented correctly the crews could be fast and good on a property, are able to service more accounts in a day. I would do things differently. A crew or 2 would seem to be about right.

    How are you able to tell all that from a few pictures?
  9. Brian B

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    i know why businesses fail but i cant find any that did. lol. i got a pretty good laugh out of the "Nick's Lawn Care". Wangsters
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