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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Brian B, Jan 29, 2007.

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    He is an expert. As well a legend in his own mind.
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    I dont know WHUT you guys are complaining about, that is a damn fine company, I actually want to get a hold of him and tell him to start up again, I'll even pay to move him and his pimps...errr crew to come down here, they are just so cool.....:hammerhead:

    That has to be a joke website, that cant be for real, shirts off, smoking, plowing through wet grass (you actually see the turf coming up under his front right wheel lmao). At least they were all wearing shoes in the photos...
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    thats the best damn website i have ever seen in my life .lol
  5. DiyDave

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    What a joke! With a bunch of drunken bozos like that, makes me wonder what his workman's copm bill would be like? Glad to be a one man show if that's what the work force looks like.
  6. PatriotLandscape

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    from that website
    "What is core aerating?

    Core aerating is a simple process that removes a small portion of your grass, soil and roots. This small portion of the grass is a plug about one half inch in diameter and up to two and a half inches in length. The aerator pulls 6 plugs per square foot. Once the lawn has been aerated, the soil will begin to revitalize. Because there is a hole in the ground, rain water will reach the soil quicker. Fertilizers and mulched grass clippings will also reach the soil and roots quicker. This all means that your lawn will be more healthy. This is especially important in the spring and fall because your grass is under more climatic changes."

    Not to hi-jack the thread but that is just too funny and horrible description of aerating
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    maybe it was easier, for the kind of clients he attracted, to understand. you don't have to be very articulate when you are dealing with people whom the price is the deciding factor.

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