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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by George777, Dec 14, 2001.

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    Here in the south we have been having unusually warm temps for this time of year. Turf grass is still green when it should be sleeping, Perennials are still in bloom, and temps have been anywhere from 10-25 degrees above average.
    My question is this; I'm wondering how this weather may effect next summer in terms of pests? It seems that everything out here is confused. I expect a lot of die-back from all these plants that are trying to grow when we do get a good cold snap, but what about the critters? How are they reacting to the warm temps? What kink of problems may arise early in the summer?
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    Good question!! I am still seeing Grubs. Been good for business pickup a lot of new accounts because of the grubs. I think areas that do not freeze as normal will feel the effect next summer.
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    Up here in Michigan we continue to see European Chafer grubs throughout the winter months, I believe they stay right at the frost line. If there is not any frost in the ground they simply stay in the root zone all year and we average 30 -40 " of snow each winter. I don't believe they are actively feeding during the cold winter months but the critters are, they continue to damage the turf well into the winter. I am still getting calls and I've been done for a month now. I just tell the customer to treat next year, the contacts will not have any effect if they are not feeding. In Michigan are annual grub cycles are not effected by the severity of the winters, but by the summer conditions. The new grubs are effected by the amount of moisture that is available right after being hatched. The japanese beetles require moisture, the european chafers prefer dry conditions (or vice-versa I can't remember- you know an old guy like me tends to forget things)

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    By mid Nov grubs are on there way down and don't surface untill late June early July on ornamental roots and late Sept. to mid Nov on turf. Mask chafer is our Jap beetle here but adults do not eat ornamentals. They hydrophil and can be found along sea walls and just above the high water mark of most ditches. The Peace River is the divide between Zone 9 and 10. North of the river we have hardly any and south of the river is loaded. South of the river is more upper middle class and people water a lot. north of the river is working class and water less. I live under the north end of the bridge. Merit in early June Takes care of them and a lot more here it the Bug Capital of America. Dylox in the fall as needed. Our soil is darn near 100% calicum sand compacts easy and average pH about 9.5. I don't know about your soil except it has got to be better and has different problem. Therefore I make sure not to post anything about your soils or ferts for you area. I know you old guys forget things. They call that senior moments. I am only 16 but will check you profile to see when the Mayflower landed.

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