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I have been working solo in my on business for only a year. However I am still employed fulltime with an electronics company that I have been with for 23 years. I make $60k plus benefits with four weeks vac. With this company though I work from 2:00pm till 11:00pm plus an hour each way on the road. With that said however I find that I am already constantly thinking of how to either go fulltime or at least have one or two guys continue working on into the evening. I currently maintain 20 accounts with 3 being commercial. How do you make the transition or would you? I'm in my early 40's. I realize all the aspects of retirement, taking on employees, etc. It just seems hard to be content doing something part time that you enjoy so much. What is your opinions?


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Depends on what kind of retirement plan you have.
If you can get a guaranteed payment at 25 years or some such then you ought to stay till then. If it's a 401 or other.........do what you enjoy and make it happen!


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I had the same dilemma in 98 when I finally gave up and went for it.

It's not an easy road and if anybody says it is they just got lucky or they're blessed. I looked at it like this............will I regret not trying. I was 36 then and now that I did what I did I can honestly tell you I would have regretted it.

That's me.........not you........I wasn't making 60K a year either but you know what they say about money........it ain't everything.


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the word "smart", and the word "alabama" should not be used in the same sentance. kinda like a oxy moron. anyway...60 grand a year plus bennies and pension, i left more than that behind. kids? big mortgage? debt? are u unhappy at your job? what is your finacial status, and do u have some cash saved? there is nothing to fear...but fear itself. hey, did i just make that up?

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I feel like we are in a very simular situation. I have a full time job working from 7:15 am- 4:00. I have 3 year around account and around 10 during the mowing season. I have turned down server opportunities just because the lack of time that I have to service my existing customers. I really think about making this transition "EVERY DAY". Thats why im on this site a couple of times a day while im at work. (naughty naugthy) I have just been blessed with our second child and it's hard to step out of the security of a stable job.
My wife also works and we have our insurance with her employer. I keep thinking I we can just get this bill or that bill payed off, that would take the strain of the first year of stepping out on my own. But that's proabably like waiting to have kids when you can afford them. Some thing's you just have to do but I don't know if this is one of them?
Sorry that I can't help you with your decision but just want to let you know there are others out here that are dwelling on the same ? you are...
Homer gives out some really good advice here and I will have to agree with him....PRAY!!!

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If you have a good retirment and are pulling in 60k that ain't bad (at least here it is good) Look at how long you have until retirement. You might be able to keep your job and hire a guy to help you so that when you do retire you will have your accounts to work on. Look at your health too. Can your body hold up to abuse as you get older? Achey joints, bad knees and sore muscles are harder to deal with the older we get. Don't look at "can I make 60k doing lawns" because in reality you have to add your insurance and benefits in too, plus the cost of wages and benefits of any employees you may hire, which will way exceed 60K. Being in business for yourself can be very very tough.

But the most important thing is if you enjoy it and can make a living, go for it. I think we all enjoy it or we wouldn't be doing this.


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Everyone, thanks for your input here. Some very good advice. I agree with Homer, looking back things have always worked out and life goes on. I constantly remind myself to be thankful for what I have when we often focus so much on having more and more. There is something to be said for having a more simple life. Isn't it ironic how hard it is to do though?

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