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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by nlminc, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. nlminc

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    Received a call the other day from a guy looking for a price on lighting. States he was going to install one of the packages from Home Depot, but since I sent him my post card he would like to have me give him a quote. This guy was easy to profile of course! When I told him my systems generally run $1500.00 and up he nearly had a heart attack. I explained to him the difference in quality of his HD package compared to the FX/Cast system, but that didn't seem to matter.

    Do you guys run into this often? How do you profile someone who calls? This guy lives in a 400-600k home. Is it possible to sell someone like this a $2k system? Sounds like an up hill battle.
  2. lawnmaniac883

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    I dont install lighting but I know that type of person. Then, 6 months later they wont understand why their cheap ass lighting wont work.

    Amazing how people live in such nice homes, but will skimp anywhere possible when it comes to enhancing the looks of them.
  3. mcwlandscaping

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    im not a racist but it sounds like indian people that live in higher class neighborhoods, theyll spend a ton on the house but will spend VERY little to furnish it or do anything with the yard or lawn
  4. Broker

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    I deal with it on a regular basis too. Somethings I learned about Indian people. Never give them your best price first. Their culture is negotiating so jack it up to give yourself some wiggle room. Second copper is an important element in their culture. Show them some copper pathways. But you always have to weed the pinchers out, you are better off with out them. They are cracking down on the multi-family homes locally here. An Indian family might have multiple generations under one roof and some of the local laws are single family homes only. A positive about doing business with Indian people is they are a closed knit bunch of people so if you keep them happy they will in return grow your business for you. The ones that wear the turbins are by far the best, they are some of the most peaceful people you will meet. Atleast from my experience. :gunsfirin
  5. nlminc

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    from GA
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    This guy was an old timer. No middle Easterner.
  6. cgland

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    With the number of bulbs he will replace in a years time, he will realize the value of your services and products.payup

  7. cochino12

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    I dont know anything about lighting so forgive my ignorance if I am out of line here. Why dont you bring a home depot light w/you when you do the estimate and "show" him the difference in quality? If he truly is a tight a$$ he shouldnt want to invest money in a inferior product. Or is the quality not something that is easily shown? good luck

  8. Dreams To Designs

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    It's not just the fixtures you are selling! It's your labor and most importantly your design skills. Anyone can hang a malibu transformer and string some path and spotlights along, but it is a true professional that designs a lighting effect. You upsell the quality of the materials you will be using and the effects you wish to achieve. Do they understand safety, security and the overall look, or do they just want what the neighbor has. Check around to see homeowner installed lighting and professionally installed lighting and share that with your clients. Hopefully you will pick drastic examples of both. Know your product and it's advantages, and explain the professional service you will be providing this client, show them the value for the money. Some people will never go for it and will make every possible defense against you, your products and service. Time to move on and spend your money and effort on those that will appreciate and understand the value of your services.

  9. steveparrott

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    I'm surprised to hear these comments about Indians. In NJ, Indians comprise a good percentage of our high end customers. Yes, they like to negotiate, but so do most smart people who respect the value of money.

    I lived in India for many years and got to know the people very well. In India, wages are very low and every Indian knows that a single rupee (about 3 cents) feeds an entire family for a day. Even the upper-class Indians never waste a single rupee (for them it is disrespectful and ungodly to do so). Indians that come to this country have the same mind-set.

    Most Indians will pay a fair price for a professional landscape lighting system only after they are certain that they are not over-paying and that the value matches the price. Attempting to negotiate is their way to make sure they are not wasting money.

    In India, negotiating is always a positive interaction between buyer and seller, it's understood that the seller won't go below a profitable price. At the conclusion of a successful negotiation, both buyer and seller feel good that they have been good stewards of the money. For them, negotiation builds trust between the two.
  10. nlminc

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    This thread has been funny! This customer isn't Indian. Just a typical older retired type.

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