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    Here are some pic of a project we have coming up. Still waiting on the pool co. to get approval from the city. We cleared out all the trees, hate i didnt get a before pictures, left my camera at home. Cleared out about 5000 sq ft of trees and brush and Grinded all the stumps. Graded the hill with intentions on just landscaping the hill, but once it was cleared we have decided to do two retaining walls, level out the bottom of the hill for a play area, sod, and a personal driving range. Between the walls will be all landscaping....palms trees, pompas grass, etc.... I am so excited, and just waiting on my permits to be signed on Monday and I am ready to rock and roll. Great thing is, we are also doing all the landscape installs for the builder in this neighborhood, plus we mtce 5 of the 9 homes already built. Only bad thing is going to be moving those 80lbs blocks. But easy way in with a track loader, and lots of room to work with since the area next door is going to be a little park that we are still working on so that will be our staging area. All equipment is already on site, so no equipment rental is needed, even though I billed them for it....hope thats not too unfair. Will post more pics as we get started.






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