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    I looked at a gated, home addition of upscale homes ($150-$250) to mow the common area, trim the numerous trees, pool area (bag), and edge the street, sidewalk , tennis court, and playground. This consists of two areas separated by a qtr mile. The street is a divided blvd entering the area. the remaining street is single two lane. Total area is 30 acres with about 7 acres separate with a playground only. The remaining area is one very large common area with the tennis courts, club house w/pool, large area lake and numerous trees. How would I go about putting together and estimate for this? I anticipate using two guys trimming and two guys edging and two-three guys mowing with ztrs and some push mowing.
    All this is to be done in one day. The flowers are to be changed three times a yr, trees trimmed once a yr, hedges trimmed as req'd, bi-monthly probably.
    My best guess is:
    mowing- 30 acres at $65.00/acre
    pool bagging-! guy @ $30/hr for 1 hr
    edging- 2 guys at $30/hr x 8 hrs
    trimming- three guys at$30/hr x 8 hrs
    hedges- two guys @ $30/hr x 3 hrs
    Now all of the above would be done for 9-10 months, weekly, with dec-feb having virtually no work. Fertilizing would be around the club house only as the rest of the area is "natural" and to large to fertilize.
    How would any of you guys bid for this? Questions here will be answered as they are presented. And NO I will not tell you where it is as I want the job.
    And I will have to buy additional equipment to do the job.
    Your ideas are very welcome on this.:dizzy:

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