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    First of all THIS SITE IS AWESOME!!
    I have already learned alot from the forum, thanks to all that contribute.

    After 15 yrs of corporate life I am finally chasing a dream of owning/operating my own landscaping business. I have contracts for 2 phases of my neighborhood, an upscale community with 284 homes. I have purchased a John Deere 810A, Stihl blower-edger-weed eater, still looking for a trailer & will start in April09. I got in when on the Board of Directors & saw the contracts were over valued, bid a bit lower & off we go, Assoc very happy to have someone living in the community to cut. I am lucky to have this "base" contract to start with (value=$35k). Also have pending contracts for another $10k for another phase (85 homes). It is all Bahia with minimal blowing/edging areas. I am very fortunate to be "settled" in my finances to pursue this & have a great family/wife to support.

    Also feel fortunate to have this site as a "guideline"

    Good luck to everyone as there seems to be plenty of business out there.


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    Good luck and welcome to the site.

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