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    Welcome Old Red, lot of good info available here. I am also part time, this site is extremely helpful. Good to have you aboard.:D
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    Old Red,

    SW Onondaga County? Baldwinsville?

    Radison has a lot of competition. If that is your neighborhood, just do a professional job and you can charge more than most of the guys there. I had a guy call me for an estimate there, who was paying 17.50 per cut and there were divots and skid marks all over his lawn. My minimum is twice what he was paying and I gave him a price more than that. He didn't bite. I was glad, because Radison is a long ways for me to go.

    Good luck,
  3. Old Red

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    Bob, I think Baldwinsville is in NW Onondaga or maybe even in Oswego Cnty. North of the Thruway much I'm get lost. I'm nearer to Cortland Cnty; it's about a mile down the road. And I can look across the lake and see Cayuga Cnty.

    Anyways I'm not looking for work right now. I'll wait 'til next year but I've been reading this board regular, trying to learn a little, and wanted to say hello.

    Thanks to all for the welcome, Red
  4. Bob's Lawn

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    Old Red,

    Just a small brain freeze there.

    I imagine there is quite the business down there. Skaneatles and surrounding areas should have a lot of demand for your services.


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