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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Eden Lights, Apr 26, 2007.

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    I have recieved alot of help from all the professionals here and for that I thank you all. While I would prefer not to go into certain products, I would like to say that everyone should consider UPB lighting controls for their clients. While not everything that works for one will work for everyone and that I understand, but I would like to say one thing. UPB lighting controls is one of the top five things that has grown my business in it's short 8 year history. It has taken me to a whole new level without any new employees, equipment, and etc.
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    Are you talking about the Control Scape system?
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    Hey Eden-check your PM.
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    I didn't even know about the PM, sorry to everyone that has sent me one. I will try to respond to everyone asap.
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    I am talking about the benefits of UPB controls in general, and Control Scape is one of the tools in my bag.

    I had a install this week that the clients did some serious shopping. He had three designs and bids. I was not the only one with UPB in the bid, but the only one that purposed this.

    -20 mintues before dusk the landscape lighting turns on.
    -20 mintues before dusk the front porch recessed lights and the porch coach lights ramp on to a cohesive light level to proper illuminate the front door and porch area.
    -20 mintues before dusk the garage and secondary entry coach lights come on to dimmed level, but slightly brighter than the front of the home timed event.

    Customer has had to do nothing until now, but can do these things at a whim by using the touchpad from inside the home when needed.

    All Bright button, Dog Walk button, Pizza Man button, or Noise in the night button. Whatever your client likes to call it. All light loads go to 100%

    All on button returns everything back to the good look.

    Romance or Candles button takes the lighting (Line and Low) in the private bedroom courtyard to approx. 55 %. My clients call this button something else, but I told them I didn't really need to know??

    Fireplace button dims down the 14 FX TC's on the arbor around the fireplace too a level just enough to get the smore assembled without overpowering the fire's natural look.

    Entertaining button stops all timer functions, Lights don't go down right in the middle of the party. All on button turns everthing right back to the good look if you do forget. (That might be 9 transformers and 33 exterior line V loads, the most I have on one exterior scene so far.)

    Vacation button stops all normal timer functions.

    Panic button blinks chosen loads

    Alarm panel blinks chosen loads

    All Off

    At midnight all Landscape lighting off, all line voltage loads go to X% and maintain until their dusk off time.

    DST, 2007EB, Astro Time clock, Power off memory, and etc. it's all in there.

    Well I have said enough. Yes the learning curve was a little steep for me, but it has been worth the time. Start off small at your house or a friends place.
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    Can you please give me Control Scape's web address?

    Accent Outdoor Lighting
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  8. Chris J

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    I have a customer who is wanting the Control Scapes products to control the security lights on the corner of his home. 2-100w line voltage floods on each corner (total of four lights = 400watts) I assume I need to purchase a receiver switch to replace his current switch, but which one? The control scapes web site lists several different switches ranging in wattage from 600w to 2400w, and also something called an ELV switch (what's that?). Could one of you electricians help me understand which switch to use for this purpose?

    Chris J
  9. Eden Lights

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    The UPB 600W standard switch would be ok for control of four flood lamps @ 100W each. A UPB 1000W switch would add some measure of safety in case someone installed 150W lamps during a replacement.

    Check exact switch location, number of switches in electrical box, number of other dimmers in electrical box, and etc. and derate switch per specs.

    ELV dimmers are for electronic low voltage transformers.
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    Thanks for the web address. Spoke with someone there yesterday, new his product very well and was very helpful. Sending me literature on Control Scape as well as his i-touch home automation products. Did you buy their starter demo kit? Going to use the product on my next install. Also do, you always as a rule install the phase coupler?


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