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    I know that most businesses strive to make 30% profits on jobs. I am about to bid on my first commercial strip mall. Can someone please offer some information. This guy is looking for weekly mowing and 2 times each year to have fresh mulch put down. The mulch is where my question comes from...I am not to sure because I haven't priced it but let's say that I can get my mulch for $19 a yard what would I charge him? What precentage do I mark up things like this. (topsoil, mulch, stone, etc).

    Also how do you guys usually charge for drive time/ delivery? If I am using my dump truck to deliver 10 yards of mulch an hour away...would you go by price of gas and add 30% to that or do you just go by your hourly rate...say $45 an hour? Any information would be great! Just want to make sure I am doing this right. Your first year is the scariest time....with the most doubt. I am glad you guys are here!!!
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    I would say for Double ground mulch you should be around $50.00/yard delivered and spread. Others will say more, others will say less. I guess it depends on where abouts your at. Give your competitors a call and ask them what they charge for a yard of mulch delivered and spread. Don't tell them who you are. Good Luck.
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    I would say do your own research......

    what I can get supplies for, and do a job for, WILL always be diffrent that what you can do it for...

    Besides that there is a cost of living diffrence, between anyone and yourself.

    I now anyone here knows how much you pay your empoyees, or how much insurance you have, or fuel prices in your area.

    Good luck
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    My prices vary on the job but I charge around $100 a yard more or less depending on the work envolved. Thats what I come up with using my hourly rate which I start when I get to were ever I pick up my mulch till Im done clean up.
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    Thank you...this has been very helpful. Maybe it would help out if I said that I am a sole prop. and I am the only one doing this work! I have no employees and my insurance is really good but doesn't cost me more than $1,000 a year. My costs are pretty low...gas runs about $3.05 a gallon. One of my major concerns was delivery because my truck knows how to suck gas and I am traveling an hour there and back. This is all great!
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    The only place to get mulch is an hour away?? I have probably between 5 or 10 places within 10 miles of my house I can get mulch from. Depending on which mulch I buy, it runs between 20 and 28 dollars per yard. I charge $55 per yard installed and that is the going rate in my area. Pretty much every LCO around here charges the same. Remember, your customer doesn't care where you have to go to get it, they just want it. I have a hard time believing that they would pay any sort of upcharge cause you had to drive your gas guzzler to get it. Just my 2 cents.
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    No...the job is one hour away. I don't want the customer to feel ripped off but I don't want to under cut myself. That is partly why I asked what the charge for the mulch is...want to make a profit. Wanted all the information I could get before I go to even look at the job.
  8. TNT Lawncare

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    I am sure there are places closer to the job to get the mulch then. I am sure the customer doesn't care that they are an hour away from you. There are probably hundreds of lco's closer to them that will do it if you charge them for you being an hour away. Thats just common sense.

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