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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    Talking with dad again today he said buy a tandem axle dump and be done with it. License the truck when you have work for it and haul with it.

    I know where I can find two W-900A Kenworths one is Cummins power one is Cat they are both similar in price around 15,000. If a guy financed the truck through the bank for 400 a month the insurance would be about 250 a month. I would have to work the truck 16 hours a month (1200 dollars) to pay for fuel truck payment and some of my wage.

    The work in this area pretty well goes all year round so there is no real stoppage for snow. Its not like if I buy a truck and it will sit all winter till the ground thaws :laugh:

    I would have to buy the truck now so I get my name out there and when the work really starts happening my name is spread around contractors know who else to phone. The excavation contractors get so busy with their excavation jobs home owners and building contractors get put on hold they don't have time to send a truck off of their job to go get a load of sand etc.

    I may not be making any money with the tandem for two months but if I can make insurance and truck payment with enough work from the truck is it a wise idea ?

    Once the area starts rolling again then the truck will start making me money and should technically pay for itself in 6 months to a year.

    Do you guys think this is a better move :)

    If I want to do this I have to decide do I want a Kenworth W-900A tough old trucks but they definatly not tight spot trucks they need acres of room to turn. It will limit some of the places I can go into but that might be a good thing. Do I go with a L-9000 Ford perfect tight spot truck can go any where but the old Fords really are not as durable as the old KWs. That decision I can make on my own I just have to weigh the pros and cons. I learned on old Ford trucks I know where the old Fords can go I also know how frustrating working on a old Ford can be.
  2. Scag48

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    I drove a W900 around a site this summer, they're not that bad on turning? For the price, you can't really be too picky.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    The price is right and I do like the old A models they are a classic old truck the same model as the old brown KW in smokey and the bandit. The Kenworths have 230 wheelbase they both have 425/65R22.5 super single steers. The old A models are not known for their turning radius one of contractors has one the sucker has a wheel cut of 10 degrees :laugh:

    The toughness of the old KWs is what I like the cabs are built stronger the engines are easier to work on because its all infront of the firewall where as the Ford is half under the cab. If want a Ford I pretty well need to look at 86 or newer to get away from the rust the old Ford cabs rust out bad.

    I don't mind a little bit of a fixer upper I can do most work myself if the truck needs paint and cleaning not a problem. The biggest thing is the truck needs to beable to pass a CVI if its not certified I'am not buying it.
  4. qps

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    GR, if you spent as much time and enegry on just doing it instead of over thinking everything you would already be retired:laugh: ..just saying most people will "what if" themselves forever...heck I quit a secure job of 20 years to go into the landscaping business 6 years ago and how have spent over
    100k the last 3 years on excavating equipment in "hopes" of getting to the next level.......just do it so we can argure over CASE vs CAT equipment again:usflag:
  5. Gravel Rat

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    My gov't job I'am at I have another year and abit to go and I will have a full time job. Everybody says go for it, its a "Gov't Job" "Set for life" well this isn't the 70s and 80s anymore working for the government really isn't that great. People say oh you must make good money no I don't the money I make per year and I make just as much as a full timer. On our wage we just make enough to pay the 700-1000 per month in rent and living expenses.

    All the employees I work with really don't like the job because of the management is riding on us all the time. Nag Nag they won't let us do our job without nit picking. Years ago when some of the guys started it was good but not now most of them are sticking it out for their pension and once their day comes they are gone in a shot.

    So I'am looking at different ideas I can't see myself sticking it out with them because the cost of living is getting higher and higher and our wages are way behind the times. If I do stick with them I need to have a part time job on the side.

    If the construction and land developing picks up again then I won't have any worries but if the developing in the area has stopped for another 10 years then :confused:

    Ohwell you never know till you take risks. I know I can probably get enough work for for a tandem axle dump as I'am not biased to any contractor.
  6. murray83

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    You know the tandem dump sounds like a better buisness plan and also opens the door to expansion say an excavator and such in the future.

    I never really thought much for the rubbish removal idea myself.
  7. qps

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    Maybe get a truck and run it part time for awhile, but thats hard too...when a contractor needs something he wants to pick up the phone and have it there....:dizzy:
  8. xcopterdoc

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    Don't forget tires, repair costs and lost wages due to breakdowns ect. if it aint workin, you aint collectin. Not to dampen your dream, but no one I know that is running a single owner/operated dump truck is making any money right now. Costs are up and everyone has one so its cut throat now a days.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    No cut throating goes on here if it does happen the contractor is run out of town. All the contractors have enough work that they are not going to undercut their competition. Everybody get along the rates for trucking are all kept the same.

    As for repairs I know all about them I have been pulling wrenches for years I know dump trucks can be maintenace pigs. Tires are the most expensive part of the game because they get damaged easily. If you are carefull you can get a full 6 months to a year out a set of drives. Greasing the truck every day helps keep things working good. Changing oil and filters on a regular basis keeps the engine from dying a early death.

    I can work around my schedule at my other job when I'am on AM shift I'am done at 1pm and on afternoon shift I start at 3pm. If I get allot of work for the truck I can find a driver for the truck otherwise I would be the driver.

    Most of the time I know my work schedule a week ahead I actually know my whole work shedule for November.

    Like I meantioned if I can get enough work to pay for the payment and insurance each month then when spring rolls around I'am already to go. Usually when a large job shows up and a contractor needs allot of trucks its quick.
  10. ksss

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    Sounds like you have it figured out. So go to it before you change your mind.

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