UPDATE: 232b tilt cylinder noise

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ma5tr, Sep 22, 2005.

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    Hello All!
    I last started a thread about a noise that our machine was making when we used our tilt cylinder. our cat dealer took our machine about a month ago, and we still have not recieved our machine back(we got a 246 loaner)! I talked to the service tech and he said they have no idea what the noise is and that CAT is now involved. He also stated that there is a chance because out machine is so new (90hrs/ purchased on july 18 2005) that CAT may just give us a brand new machine. I am now wondering should I just push for a new machine? Since we got it, we had it in the shop more that on our sites.

    at 40hrs we had a oil leak
    at 20hrs the tilt cylinder valve had to be replaced because it was sagging inappropriate amounts(over 8" in 2minutes)
    and now at 90hrs this.

    -on a different note: we have had 2 246 skids on this job and 1 felt really tippsy compared to the other (it also had a widened wheel base, if that is a reason i cant understand it) The other 246 has a standard wheel base it still feels more tippsy that our 232 but not as tippsy as the widened wheel base 246, why is this? If CAT does give us a new machine we were thinking of upgrading to a 242b but we are now afraid that it will be more tippsy than our 232, is this something that we should have no worries about?
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    I can only think the reason a 246 would feel more unstable than a 232 is due to the type of tyres.

    I went from a 226 to a 246B and I would describe the 246B as like driving a Brick compared to the 226.

    I also demoed a 242B and still prefer the stability of the 246B. The 242B reminded me of the 226.

    Hope that helps

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