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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by turner_landscaping, Jan 27, 2012.

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    This was a job that i did bout 11/2 ago. This was a large pond with a large muti waterfall system. It has 2- 5000 gph pumps. The property was heavly wooded so the home owner wanted a rustic, old looking pond. The gazebo and walkways to it are now in along with some plantings. The homeowner is continiously planting more and around. He laughs at the fact that the deer come right up to pond and drink as he sits in the gazebo dusk.




  2. tadpole

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    Project is maturing quite well. Is the pond water cloudy or is that just the photo?
  3. turner_landscaping

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    Its the photo and the shade of the area which is very dense.. Its mainly filtered sunshine through the trees. The pond probaly has less than 4hrs of direct sunlight. He was just told me yesterday that all of his 12" koi where just eatn by our friend the blue heron. Its amazing how good their eyesight is. His property is all woods with big trees everywhere. However he does live by the Columbus Zoo which is just down the street. So he gets every critter you can imgine.
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    Judging from the healthy appearance of the Iris, I would say that the pond is getting ample sunlight. Filtered through a high tree canopy is always the best. Herons have amazing vision. They can spot those multicolored morsels from well over 100 feet in altitude.

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    did you take before pics or construction pics?....if i may ask what was the $ amount on this job......by the way looks great and looks to be just what they were wanting from it
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    what is the purple flowering plant? cultivar if you know it....

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