update- got 21hp un-stuck and running..

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mowisme, Apr 29, 2007.

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    I thought I'd post my update- I couldn't get electric pto off so unbolted motor..unhooked wires/fuel/ect and lifted it up out of there (getting to old for that..and apparently not any wiser).but, as I was lifting it up..the pto hung up on mower body and fell right off! At this point- I laid motor on ground (caught my breath and put it right back. (best place to stabalize it was right where it came from) now that pto was off I could get at crank end. bolted/hooked everything back up- soaked cylinders for 4-6 hours with wd-40 and at first wouldn't budge. then all at once it did. after working it around several times I used key. fired right up. lots of smoke for about 5-8minutes..then almost cleared up. still very small amount. now..previous owner ran gas/oil mix in tank (why? I don't know why?) but he said motor was getting tired. I am wondering if it was just fouling up? (plugs looked bad) and/or if valves are out of adjustment (OHV) as there was a couple loud back fires and some poping after it warmed up. The backfires were later when I went to start it after off for 1/2 hr. as always- I appreciate any ideas or directions. I plan on testing hydro system tomorrow with new belt on and got the contaminated oil out..couldn't test until I got motor running. sorry so long mod..Gene
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    You can check the valve adjustment;

  3. mowisme

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    as always restorob- thanks..you have been great help. I will do the valve adjust when time permits..did my symtons sound like valves out of adjust? The popping and backfire. you think any hope for motor? would that 2 cycle gas rob power or make motor 'sluggish' as it fouls plugs? I still got hope on this project- Gene
  4. Restrorob

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    Very possible, They are easy enough to check.

    Only time will tell, But here's hoping you can get enough use out of it to make sure the hydro system is OK before having to replace it.

    Sure, A fouled plug is not going to fire as well and cause a loss of power.

    Good Luck on this one.....
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    If there's any water condensed in the tank, it can cause similar symptoms.

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