Update in my ship


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After talking to a building contractor and haveing o-so-n-so come over to look at the property,it seems using a membrane to seal the EFIS is the best and most certainly cost effective way to go.(BTW,o-so n-so is just as nice in person as he is online.It certainly was my pleasure to meet him)
So,even though my ship sailed away(or sunk as it was) the homeowner is extremely happy with this idea and especially since they'll be saving so much money.
I was pretty much right with the "fly by night" description of the contractor.He speaks very little English.He's Mexican.Did a great job on the repair,but unfortunately doesn't know what the code is.So,I doubt he is state certified to do this work.
Anyway,here is part of an email the customer sent me.Even though I won't be making near as much money (still have to regrade the beds somewhat and need to bring in fresh mulch) the customer is happy.
<i>I can't begin to thank you for all of your assistance on our home problems. You have went beyond the call of duty.Thank you for everything, you have been a God send!
I left part of the email out.It just dealt with the inspector name and such.
I owe part of this thank you to you guys.Thank you for your opinions and ideas in dealing with this problem.

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