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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigw, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Well as you guys know this is my first year and as of 2 weeks ago i had like 3-4 accounts, well as of right now i am up to 14 accounts 8 spring clean ups,4 mulch jobs and 2 power washing jobs and i still haven't mailed out my 10,000 post cards yet.
    I have gotten the majority of these accounts from a newspaper add that I've been running and 2 from my sign in my front yard as well as yesterday while plowing snow i landed 2- 35$ lawn accounts simply by asking 2 ladies that live right next door to each other.
    I was referred to these ladies for plowing yesterday so i figured while i was their plowing id ask about lawn care and i landed both of them. My lowest account is one at 30$ and my highest is 110$,most are between 35-60$ all weekly.I also got 8 spring clean ups ranging from 50$ {my lowest} to 250$ my highest but most around 200$.
    I cant believe how many calls I've been getting from the newspaper add, it may seem to early to some to run an add but you must remember one thing,it may be to early for the masses but for a few its not and those few have called me because i am the only LCO in my local paper right now.
    In fact while at a house giving an estimate my phone rings and the guy says "hey ive been thinking about getting lawn care this year and your add was the only one i could find so i called you, can you come give me an estimate" I did and landed a postage stamp lawn "5000" sft for 30$ a week.
    Anyway i haven't been on much lately so i just thought id share how i was doing for those that care, oh it finally snowed here in PA yesterday and i was out for 9 hrs and i made $1,782.00 which is a mere $192.00 an hr not to shabby huh? I used a half a tank of gas and a total of 17 #50 lb bags of salt at 3.90 a bag so you figure $50 for gas and $ 66.00 for salt = $116.00 subtracted from $1,716.00 = $1,600.00 or $ 177.00 an hr. I guess what i am trying to say here is i am doing really good so far and hope to keep the momentum going!!! :weightlifter:
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    Great work man, keep it up.
  3. mowing grass 1111

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    good job......
  4. bigw

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  5. corey4671

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    you da man
  6. Whitey4

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    Pretty cool bigW, sounds like things are moving along!

    I don't have near the startup money you have to spend, but me and my measley door hangers (all hung by me) have done pretty well. I've got about 700 out, and have 6 new accounts, looks like it will be 8 by Tuesday. Only one isn't a full fert/weed/insect control with over seedings and aeration. In other words, just one is a mow and blow, although it looks like I can get a small tree removal from them. I'll bite the bullet this year, and hope for full apps next year.

    Glad the cash flow is goin well with this last storm. I don't do the snow removal thing. On LI the equipment is just too expensive vs. annual snowfall amounts. Everyone and his brother has a plow.

    Based on my projections, all I can say is get certified. My profit margin on that is 5X's what it is on maintenance so far. It's the add ons, the apps, aerations, dethatching Zoysia and overseeding that will make me profitable. Mowing is a virtual loss leader for me so far. These people want to see low weekly maintenance, but don't blink an eye at add on services.

    Best of luck!
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    big w

    i was just thinking about you... ain't seen you on

    ditto on that storm... its saving my @$$.. I think for once(knock on wood) i'm going to start the mowing season in the black..I am up at this point.....this last one had me nervous.... lots of frozen truck breakers out there from the last slush storm...Both trucks still safe and sound...

    on the mowing/maintence end its still pretty slow for me.... I have the same accounts from last year and have been on an all out commercial blitz....in fact i havn't had a residental call in at least a month

    I hardly have beeen on between the storm and the 8 very detailed bid proposals.. this week...between estimating them and the storm and trying to sell a few others it actually feels like more work then full tilt mowing season..

    keep locking them down bro
    i'd tell you good luck but i don't think you need it...

  8. bigw

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    going for my core and 07 lawn and turf testing this monday!!!
  9. Big C

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    Glad to see all is well...Good luck!!
  10. Sal200

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    Good job landing all those customers very quickly. Im trying to get more customers and im thinking of sending each of my current ones referral letters with some business cards inside saying that i will give them 20 percent off their bill for each of their referrals. I also am thinking of putting an ad in one of the local papers, its a once a week paper and i have not seen any landscaper advertised in there, so im thinking of doing that in the coming months. Good luck to you.

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