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    I uderstand the differences in hanging signs on street corners and such. I happen to have mixed views about it myself.

    The truth: I have a coleague that works for chemlawn and does side work. He has six signs place in a one mile radius outside of town. They read "Aeration & Seeding" ###-####. He sends me an average of 4 customers a week while keeping 2 or 3 others for himself (all he wants to do). He initially invested $325 a year ago for 100 signs and he replaces them as they get destroyed. I just don't see the harm in it. Less time consuming and a whole lot less money involved than the alternative....hanging flyers.

    With that being said, I am screen printing my own signs tomorrow. If you would like to know how to do it, keep on reading. I will also begin printing my own uniforms. Another huge savings. I plan to make 25 signs in about 20 minutes with about two hours set-up time. Doing a few at at time will allow me to change the wording for each season.

    Supplies needed:
    COROPLAST--www.beacongraphics.com 18X24 sheets are .75 cents a piece. This is the cheapest you will find it. I bought fifty, i figure this is enough for 100 signs.
    SCREEN--you can go to DickBlick.com. I made it myself for half the price. frame was 3.00 and the mesh was 5.50 at an art supply store.
    SQUEEGIE--- DickBlick. Same supply store had a 6" for 5.50
    FILM (template)--5.00 for a 2X3 shet anywhere you go. pretty much the same thing as window tint without the glue
    SCREEN INK.-- I found some on clearance for 2.00 a qt. Price was 24.00. DickBlick has some for 14.00 a qt. You can also make it yourself out of wallpaper paste and poster paint. This stuff is really thick.
    and that is it.

    the process:
    With an exacto knife cut your info, as you want to see it, out of the film.
    Tape the film onto the cloroplast. Place our screen onto the sign.
    Scoop some ink and drop it onto your screen.
    With firm pressure, squeegie the ink into the mesh to fill cut out areas of your film. Do not move anything but the squeegie.
    Do this three times.
    Pull up the screen and film.
    Lay sign out to dry (Hair dryer helps)
    Repeat process on next sign.

    You can do this in different colors also. i.e. adding a graphic.
    just make a separate template and do the graphic first.

    My total cost ended up being less than a 100 bucks.

    I am not trying to cheapen the industry by hanging signs. Read my previous post and I hope you will understand my thoughts.

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