Update on the mysterious $50 mulch kit.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Grits, Dec 4, 2006.

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    I received the call today that my mulch kit was in. I said Great, I will try to make it over there today and pick it up. I get to my dealer's shop and the owner is at the counter. I tell him that I am here to pick up my mulch kit. Indeed it was right behind the counter with my name on it. New, in the box, Husqvarna mulch kit.....and yes EVERYTHING is there. BUT.......also on the box right above the Husqvarna logo were the words "Riding Tractor". As you may recall, I had questioned that maybe the residential kit was much cheaper and well, low-and-behold it is cheaper! I explained to the owner that I didn't think it was the correct one from the get go, but for $50 I was going to give it a shot. He wondered why his helpers didn't look up the part number. I told him that they did...just for a residential tractor and not a Wb, obviously. So he looks up the commercial version of the mulch kit and it goes for $130. I said cool...go ahead and order it. He is also trading me the blades that come with the kit for a set of gators...even steven. He apologized a bunch...I told him no worries....I'm in no hurry. The correct kit will be here in a couple days. We all knew something wasn't right but it was worth a shot.
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    sounds like you have a great dealer like mine.
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    at least you are getting what you need now and it sounds like you have a great dealer. Be sure and let us know how it works once you get it on the mower

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