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    Today I got a call from the prospective.

    He reluctantly said go ahead after we talked a while.

    I quizzed him some more. He confirmed he was talking 40-50 lb bags (didn't remember which) and that the formula was 25-0-something.

    He bought the bags at a local feed mill, and it was indeed 8-9 bags per round, which he would apply 3 times per season.

    I asked him how often he mowed, and he said 1 time per week, and I told him I was puzzled as to how he could put down that amount of fertilizer on that small of an area of turf, and then only be mowing once per week. He said "well, that's what the truth is".

    So, anyways, I headed down there today and got the first round in. I was going to take pictures, but as I was just finishing up, it started to rain and I didn't feel like taking pictures in the rain.

    Another lawn care service was in there doing a spring cleanup earlier in the day, so it should be a good base for me to work my magic.

    Also, there's a little change. Instead of the original 37k sq ft that I origianlly thought it was, it was more along the lines of right at 50k sq ft. It's not alot, but instead of making it look like he was more or less tripling the amount of fert per round, now it's more or less just double of what he should have been putting down.

    He's willing to work with me, I told him if my fertilizer doesn't get it green enough for him at the recommeded rate, that we could add other nutrients that may make it "more green" for him.

    That's the whole premise that he was after, a "green-green" lawn. I have no idea what shade of green, "green-green" is, but hopefully we can find it.

    He's a decent guy on the phone, as well as the neighbors that I got the referral from, so I don't think personality clashes are going to come into play, hopefully.

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