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  1. Gravel Rat

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    I got banned from HEF for a few reasons oh well no big loss anyhow :laugh:

    I'am still waiting for the dump box I ordered for my F-450 I'am hoping the order was done they said 4 weeks.

    The even better news I finally got a full time position in the gov't company I have been working for. Its not the most interesting job but all I'am thinking of is a steady income. Our economy here is riding on hype and realestate and I don't trust that. I would rather be running equipment but I don't see it being a sustainable future.

    If I stick with the gov't job I will beable to retire at 50 with hopefully a pension I'am 30 now. I'am going to keep with my landscaping on the side to keep my sanity and make extra money on my days off. At 38 grand a year thats not quite enough to buy a house need to increase that to 50 grand to make the 2500 a month mortgage payment.

    The way I'am thinking of it which is the only thing keeping me working for the gov't is when everything else takes a dive and people loose their jobs I will still be working. One thing about it I only had to stick out part time for 4.5 years many guys its been 10-12 years before they got a full time job.

    I'am happy so far :canadaflag:
  2. ksss

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    What happened at HEF?
  3. Dirty Water

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    I only lurk at HEF, it satisfies my cravings.
  4. 2004F550

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    yea what happened
  5. murray83

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    Not my right to pry into others issues but was it to do with your posts on BC?
  6. Fieldman12

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    I assume your talking about the Heavy equipment Forum. I have been visiting that website just about every day for a long time now. I have learned allot there but have not yet posted any I think. That stinks you got kicked off. Oh well I guess things happen. :)

    JDSKIDSTEER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    LOL, I just tryed to regiseter for that site and here is the message I got...

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    I have never been to this site before in my life.

    JDSKIDSTEER LawnSite Bronze Member
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  9. Construct'O

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    from Sw Iowa
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    They probably got you confused with GR:dancing:
    Good luck!:walking:
  10. ksss

    ksss LawnSite Fanatic
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    They are having some problems. Those notices were sent out enmass a while ago. I read some of the BC comments made by GR. I did not see anything that would get someone kicked off. Maybe I missed something.

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