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    Well, one more week of apprenticeship training, then I'm out to work. I've accumulated some certifications in pipeline operations, OSHA10, C-Stop, forklift cert., rigging card, and a 40 hour HAZMAT course. Spent two weeks running backhoes, can run Case controls as well as I can run Cat and almost prefer 3 lever. Ran cranes for a week, had loader/crusher for a week, and 3 days of grade checking/grade engineering. Dozer for 2 days next week, we'll be running a pretty nice Deere blade and an older Cat 140G. Ready to start working full time again, should be a busy summer, just a slow start. Hoping for state funded work and a short timeline, OT pays well when you're getting prevailed wages. Hope everyone is doing alright, I haven't been on in here over a month. Living out of a suitcase for the last 5 weeks, internet access has been non-existant.
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    Congrats on the work, sounds intense.
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    ahhh another converted over to 3 lever case....nicely done
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    It sounds like your getting through the school pretty quickly.

    Probably alot of stuff to learn in a short time must have a headache :laugh:
  5. Scag48

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    I knew you'd say that digger. I never really liked wobble sticks, they're just not very precise. I feel like I have more control with 3 lever. Once you master feathering the swing, you've got it made.

    I got a little out of of control this last week in my loader class, we got a brand new 924G on Thursday and I was put in it first, she had 16 hours on her when I cranked her over at 8AM. We also have a 257BII out there with 250 hours on her that just got a new motor, the mechanic didn't know what caused the failure. The machine was under warranty so Cat just replaced it but they forgot to hook up the glow plug wire, barely got her cranked over a couple mornings. I was pushing 2:1 slopes with that machine, we were doing a bunch of cleanup work around the crusher and a berm slope needed to be graded out. Nobody else volunteered or had enough balls to take that machine up and down the slope, so I gave it hell. My loader instructor is pretty cool, so the other couple of guys in my group who have experience pushed the loaders pretty good this last week. I drug counterweight on a Deere 744H climbing a stockpile trying to pull some material down so it wouldn't fall on me, that was good times.

    Feeling pretty good about my choice to go union, they take pretty good care of us. I'm already starting to build some ties with other journeymen and high-ups, I need to get done with my 1,200 hour probationary period, then I can be requested by name for work from the hall. Just figuring out the ins and outs of the union and how everything works is pretty hardcore, but it's interesting.
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    Good to hear you are doing well, Scag. My neighbor is a union operator, I spoke to him a few days ago, he is doing well, has plenty of work, currently running an excavator on a hazmat site. He can run just about anything and does pretty well for himself. Good luck, Mike
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    Now I wish I was union.
  8. Scag48

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    How are the unions up there Ron? I don't know the Canada situation as far as unions go.
  9. bobcat_ron

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    We have unions too, they do excellent jobs of going on strike every 2 years. :laugh:
  10. bobcatuser

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    I guess were due for another Dump truck strike like in 2005.

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