Upgrade air filter now standard?

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    I read in a post that the upgrade to the airfilter on the Super Z is now standard. I ordered my Super Z on Monday and will be getting it next friday, will it have the upgraded air filter?
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    It is not standard yet.....
    Let me explain......
    We have not received the engines from Kawasaki equiped with the carburetors for the heavy duty filter kit.
    This kit requires different jetting in the carburetor for it to run correctly and meet EPA regulations.
    The units that have the heavy duty filter kits on them now were installed at dealers that ordered the filter kit.
    We are shipping these kits for in field installation to dealers as fast as we get some of the components from Kawasaki.
    Installing this kit requires removing the carburetor and installing different jetting.
    Please call your dealer to verify if he is going to put this kit on your unit.
    As soon as we have the engines equiped for the heavy duty filter system, we will be installing it at the factory.
    The filter kit costs $149.00 plus installation if done at the dealer.
    When they are on the units from the factory there will be a price increase on the mowers with them.

    Hope this helps

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