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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ax Man, Nov 9, 2002.

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    A few years back I got sick of barrels and tarps and bought a Billy goat for my tailgate. Loved it. I have built a bigger box two times since, and have been vey pleased with the unit.
    Last fall I bought a Walker.
    It has changed my system entirely, with the leaves being mulched as fine as they are when I dump. And now I get easily 2 times as much on my truck as before. (I can tell from the wieght)

    What used to go throught the hose was clogging, I had to try to fluff the duff as it went in the inlet.

    So it came to me, at night, a simple idea. I bought a piece of 8" stove pipe and 2 elbows cut a couple notches in the end so it stays on like the original. and now I have a 3 foot completely smooth hose.

    I dump on my trailer, as many as 6 loads then fire up the Billy goat. 5 minutes tops even for straight grass and I'm back on the mower!.
    Someday I'll spring for a digital camera and show you guys the rig.
    "A study in farmer technology"
  2. Very good I know what you mean.

    That is why I went to the big Giant Vac loader, I had a smaller 16hp one and it clogged left n right.

    The stuff you dump is well condensed bofe it goes in, it gets better after, and it will pack it in too.
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    Well i'm working my way into this, no loans you know what i mean? So I got the 11hp honda. Too small, I know but I'll stay with it for now. With my modified intake tube the debris goes though it like #$%& through a goose! BTW LGF, I agee with your thoughts on mulching.
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    I had the same problem with the billy goat vac. It has a 16 horse
    vangaurd. The problem is not with the power it is with the design.
    First you have 12 inch oversized inlet hose and little 6in outlet tube. So it does not matter how much you can put in you can only get the 6 or 8 in mass out, so I took apart a 11hp vac that I blew up last season that had a 10 inlet and a 8 in outlet (which I never had a problem with clogging) and modified to the billygoat and this thing will eat anything. Feed it as fast as you want wet or dry it does'nt stop. I also have it monted on the front of my truck on a platform above the cab, which is mounted to my dump. So you fill it up with leaves go to the dump open the back door dump and drive away. Works great. Try to put some pics up soon.

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