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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DAPSJH, Apr 12, 2006.


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    I have been doing lawn care on the side for a little over a year on my own. When I started I bought a used Yazoo Kees 36" belt driven w/b w/ velkie. It has been a good unit but I have really gotten the itch to upgrade after using my dads JD 757 60" for a day. Not the first time I have used a ZTR, but it was the first time I have used one on the yards I do and I can't believe how much time it saves. I have turned down a few new accounts this year because I just don't have time to do them. If I upgrade I feel like I could pick up an extra 2-3 yards and let them pay for the mower and I still won't have to work any longer than I am now. I am considering the Huster Fastrak 20/52. Any input from those that own one? Most of the properties I am doing are about .75 - 1 acre. I realize that this is not an all out commercial mower but I am only looking to do about 10-12 yards a week. Is there a better mower in the same price range? If I was running one all day everyday I could see spending 8-10K for one but not for the amount i'm doing.
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    I'm also a one man crew and have a 60" exmark lazer and i can do two 1/4 to an acre lawns an hour that's trimming edgiing and blowing along with cutting.... i've done 17 lawns in a day form 8-5 including drive time.....by the way i got this mower with 450hrs for $5,400.00 and that was my first mower and i had no accts at the time..........
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    if you are looking to upgrade and possibly stay in the business then you should get a mower that has a little more power and durability. Exmark, bunton, scag and dixie are all great machines that don't have a whole lot of problems. My buddy has an hustler 52/20 that would always break down and i had an exmark 52/20 at the time. He know owns my machine and took his up north for his dad to use. After two years of use his dad threw it away and bought a bunton.

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    I would really like to find a nice used mower but around my area it seems everyone runs them until the wheels are ready to fall off. I asked another LCO the other day if he would be willing to sell me a mower. He told me 3000 for an Exmark Lazer with 3000 hours on it. I don't know about you but that seems like alot of hours. I don't want something I will have to work on all the time.

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    Just called my dealer for to see what he had in used. He has a Great Dane Chariot 61" with less than 500 hours on it for 4500.00 If it looks good would that be a better buy than the new Hustler? I'm sure there a little room for improvement on that price also.
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    I have a Great Dane Chariot 52 ztr and the only problem i have had with it so far was a pin hole in a hydro line (rubber) that took 30 minutes to replace, i also bought it new and it was 6300.00. The mower cuts great and is very strong and durable seems to be built like a tank to me has a 25hp Kohler.

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