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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by O'Dell Equipment Rental, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. O'Dell Equipment Rental

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    I currently have a F350 7.3 L. I use the truck to make deliveries, pulling approx 9,000lbs on a tag along equipment trailer. I am looking at a 2001 Isuzu NPR diesel. Not an HD. Do any of you use them? It has 94,000 miles and has an 11 ft flat dump. The dump is not really needed, the truck will be used only for equipment deliveries. Any ideas what the truck may be worth? Any Pros or Cons with the NPR's. Thanks for the feedback, and if your ever in Wetumpka, Al come see me.
  2. ksss

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    will it have enough power to pull the load your having to pull with your FORD?
  3. Gravel Rat

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    I really hope you have to hills where you live because a NPR or GMC COE 1.5-2 ton is going to struggle like you wouldn't beleive pulling a trailer. Most of those trucks have 4 banger rice cooker diesels they barely can handle the truck let alone a trailer.

    If I was looking for a COE I would be looking for something with a 6 cylinder like a Hino 5 ton etc.
  4. Scag48

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    The NPR's don't have very big motors, that 4 cylinder diesel puts out about 190 horsepower, not very much at all. You really would be better off with your Ford.

    I'd shop around for a used F550 7.3 with a flatbed towing deck. Those Jerr Dan bodies are awesome for deliveries since the angle of the deck when loading is almost infinately variable. Plus, with a 550, you'll get about 22,000 GVWR, the truck will weigh at least 12K, but you could put about 10K on the back of it easy whereas a standard NPR will only allow you to haul about 6,500 pounds.
  5. Squizzy246B

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    I just gotta say that you guys are generally totally obsessed with your so called "trucks" and horsepower. Those big V8's eat fuel like its going out of fashion and its hardly needed. Down Under we haul just as much, longer distances with about half the horsepower and half the fuel. Its all about gearing.

    I don't know what size NPR you are looking at but they are one of the worlds most reliable trucks. Your fuel economy will be about 40% better. We have a 3 tonne model running around with a skid and carrying sand that regularly does better than 23 mpg....about 28 mpg out on the highway.
  6. O'Dell Equipment Rental

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    I guess none of you are too fond of NPR's except Squizzy. I have used one before and you actually have more control over the truck and trailer than with my F350. The exhaust brake and the steering radius are what I am really looking at. I realize that I won't be setting any speed records, but as long as I can do 45 mph in fine. I don't want any of my customers going any faster when they pull my stuff, so I might as well set a good example.

    Squizzy, the mpg's you mentioned is that with a FRR? Do y'all have less stringent emissions than the USA? The heaviest thing I will be towing is an
    L39 Kubota at 6600lbs and a trailer at 2800 lbs.

    Any ideas what these trucks are selling for?
  7. Squizzy246B

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    Its an NPR 300 or 3 tonne model which will carry 6600lbs but I can't remember what its legal to tow. I am actually looking at a new NQR 4500 which will tow over 7700lbs easily. About 170 Hp which is absolute shirtloads for a little truck. A friend runs one on a country route every week at over 60mph all day with 9000lbs on the back and hes is getting around 20 mpg at these speeds.

    http://www.isuzu.com.au/assets_dynamic//specsheets/108_24450PM/NQR 450_ARK0175.pdf

    The build quality and reliability is the real impressive part. A F250 costs nearly twice as much to buy, twice as much to run, has poor build quality and breaks down regularly. The only thing the Effy has going for it is a much bigger cab.
  8. tnmtn

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    i think what is confusing for many of us in the U.S. regarding the isuzu's is that when you try to research their abilities there is nothing mentioned about how they tow. i went through this when i was shopping. i contacted isuzu and when speaking to their representative i kept getting the feeling that i knew more than he did about his product. it didn't give me the warm fuzzy feeling. on the other hand when you go to chevy, ford forums people were bragging about insane towing abilities that made my needs sound like no problem comparitively. i ended up with a dmax and have no regrets. i am still very curious how a isuzu would perform towing heavy but just can't put my money up for the experiment.
    good luck,
  9. HenryB

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    My FRR Isuzu has a 10,000 lb payload. Will drag a small condo up hills. Why anyone would own a Ford or Gmc is beyond me. About 12-15 mpg and yes I've owned almost ever truck out there.
  10. tnmtn

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    henry b,
    what engine does your FRR have? is the FRR the same as the GMC T6500? glad to hear how yours is doing.

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