Upgrading to larger engine???

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by gogetter, Sep 14, 2004.

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    This question if really more out of curiosity then anything.

    I have a 52" Snapper hydro walk behind mower. It has a 16hp B&S Vanguard on it. Recoil start.

    Lets say I wanted to upgrade to a 20hp B&S Vanguard. First off all, I assume this is possible?
    Secondly, I see that they offer it with recoil or electric start.

    Could I go with the electric start model, and if so, what else is involved in making that work? Just add a battery? And I guess some sort of ignition button?

    (please excuse any lack of correct mechanical terminology, I just run the mowers, I don't really work on them).

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    If you do go electric, I would just get the wiring harness from the manufacturer for an electric start machine. The electric model will have a charging system and also a voltage regulator somewhere in the line. Unless you absolutey need electric I would keep it simple and just replace with a recoil start. Get electric on the next mower when it is time if you have to have it.

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