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  1. Island Lawn

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    By the time most of you read this, I will be in debt for about $4000.00 @ a cool 9.9%
    I've decided on the 48" eXmark Metro HP (floating deck, belt drive, 15hp kaw, recoil start)
    My dealer is giving me a good deal @ $2995.00
    Plus a stihl package (split-boom trimmer/edger, bp blower, shrub trimmer) for around another $1000.00

    And I still have my (paid for)crapsman stuff I started with last year. Although, I'm not sure I'll ever use it again.
    Maybe my homelite handheld blower.......na, doubt it.

    My next purchase will be a Haulmark (6x14 or 16)(Enough room for the recoil start?) and a truck to pull it with.

    Right now I will continue w/ my open trailer and aerostar.
    I dont have any storage so:
    All the 2-cycle stuff goes in the van.
    My new eXmark wb will be out in the open until I get the enclosed.
    All I know is just to keep a tarp bungied around it.
    I thought about fashioning a lean-to "thingy" to park the open trailer under, but I'm a renter and not a very good carpenter.

    Any suggestions on how to best keep my new investment protected from the elements?

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  2. Runner

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    Congratulations! I'm sure you're gonna love the productivity and that's not to mention the dependability. One thing though, if you're leaving it out and on an open trailer, especially if you're a renter, LOCK IT UP! And I mean GOOD! It'll be well worth it!
  3. David Hickerson

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    Temporary fix is to put it in storage for your overnite peace of mind. And like Runner said, lock it up. Even if you run into Home Depot. Do not go cheap on that lock either. I have seen guys in my town use the locks that I could break with not much effort.

  4. TJLC

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    Congradulations, on your purchases! Good advise, Lock things up. Don't assume no one wants what you have on your trailer. Also insure all you equipment! Gook luck to you. Also don't buy too small a trailer. Leave room for growth.
  5. Chopper Lover

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    Congrats on the equipment upgrade. Not only will the equipment provide you with better productivity, but so will your state of mind as you play with your new toys.

    I have a few thoughts on your question of protecting your equipment:

    First, I do not have a shed or garage so an enclosed trailer is what I use for the time being. I went with a Car-Mate 7x14 with tandem axles. I would recommend spending a "few" dollars more for the 7' width over the 6' you mentioned. A foot of space in an enclosed trailer is a lot of room.
    Also be sure to get one with a ramp back door instead of "barn doors". If it is an option you may wish to get an extra wide side door. I mention this in case you ever had a smaller mower you wanted to run in and out the side door without emptying the trailer to get to it.

    Second, For about $200 you can purchase a tent/canopy that acts as a carport. They are temporary structures and should not be much of an issue with your landlord. Another thought is to keep your equipment clean of dirt and grass since they hold moisture which helps the formation of rust. Take your stuff by the car wash and power wash it every couple weeks and maybe even spend a day tossing a coat of wax on it. Even the spray on waxes will help protect it with only a few minutes of work. I know waxing your mower sounds like a nut ball thing to do, but in a sense it is just like a car.

    Third, if you are worried about theft of your equipment you may wish to consider buying a few sheets of plywood and making walls on your trailer. That act alone may eliminate a few of the potential thief's.

    On another note, don't rule out your little homelite blower. They are handy little buggers that I still use almost every day a few times.

    Enjoy your new equipment and have a great year!
  6. Island wrote:

    >My dealer is giving me a good deal @ $2995.00

    Not really. You can get the same machine with Toro steering for $2250.

  7. lbmd1

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    I called my wife's son in law who is starting out in the lawn biz about that mower for sale in Buffalo(Orchard Park) $2250 for a brand new Toro 48" walk behind with t-bar is an awesome price. I'm going up there next week sometime to help him put it together. Although I don't have a real need for walk behinds any longer, I still keep thinking I should buy 1 or 2 at that price and start another crew.

  8. Island Lawn

    Island Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    I did it!

    A few days ago I was set on Toro.
    But, I decided to go with the better mower instead.

    Quite a diiferent machine from my 21" crapsman!
    The Stihl stuff is impressive as well.

    I'm glad I went ahead with the purchase because this stuff is going to take some getting used to!
    I just finished my 1st yard with it. 2 weeks ago, this yard took me two hrs. Today, taking my time, 1hr including trimming, edging, and blowing
    I cant wait to get used to this stuff so I can speed up a bit!!!
  9. Mike do you have any walk mowers? Do you just have 62s?

    You could get away with just a 62 for you are a flatlander.
    In my area a 36-48" walk behind is needed on many sites do to uneven ground.

    I would think your best crew set up would be two men with a 62" rider and a 48" walk behind with a sulky. By adding a wright metal baggger you have a machine to do around swimming pools etc.

    I still think you should get you pesticide license so you can control the whole show. I would be afraid to have another contractor kill me with N at the wrong time.
  10. Island you need to get a sulky now. Walking in SC heat is nutz. Why walk 3mph and sweat when you can ride at 5mph?

    Also if you buy a fixed mount sulky mount it more to the right side so you will have less of a chance hitting a object (house car etc) when trimming.

    If you had a full size van vs. the mini you could have loaded the whole show in with the help of a handy ramp end gate.

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