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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TGCummings, Jun 12, 2000.

  1. TGCummings

    TGCummings LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 773

    I've never used anything but a 21&quot; walk-behind for my residentials. Currently I have a couple of Toro Prolines and hit about 70 lawns a week with 'em solo. My thinking now is that I'll upgrade next year (earlier if I continue to grow at the rate I have this year) and get me a 36 or 48 walker. The discussions I've read here have already told me what the better machines are out there, but my question to you long-time users is: How much better would this upgrade make my business? Is it something where that'll be 'neat' when I get around to it, or is the opinion that I'm simply killing myself now and the longer I wait the worse off I am?<p>As always, appreciate your input. :)<p>-TGC
  2. If you are mowing 70 lawns a week you should<br>already own a 36&quot; and 48&quot; walk behind.<p>My advise is to buy two 32&quot; toro/exmark (t-bar or pistol grip your choice)walkbehinds with a couple of sulkys.<p>If can do 70 lawns with trimming mowers they must be small. You will cut you time in half<br>with the 32&quot;.
  3. pete

    pete LawnSite Member
    Messages: 73

    you wont belive the difference. go buy a big mower. With that many lawns you do really need it. It will take you a bit to get used to controling the bigger mower but youll love it
  4. excel25

    excel25 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 393

    How could you afford not to, if you had a 32 or 48 you would cut so much time off of what you do now. yards that took me 1 hr now take about 20 min. Good Luck. invest in yourself!<p>----------<br>Dennis<br>EXCEL LAWN CARE
  5. OP

    TGCummings LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 773

    Wow, you tempt me to run out and talk to my dealer immediately. If what you're saying is true, I might have to do just that. However, I have another question or two:<p>I did some checking and the nearest Exmark dealer is about 20 miles from where I live (Gravely dealer is more like 200 miles away). My local dealer carries Toro. Would a large Toro be in the same class quality-wise as the Exmark and Gravely, IYO? What would you say would be a fair price range to expect for a quality 32 Toro? If I go in, I wanna go in ready. :)<p>Also, I mow a lot of backyards in my residentials as well and it doesn't seem a big deck mower would get through most gates. Might it be best to take a 21&quot; Proline with me as well to hit the rear yards? If so, I'll need a bigger carrying space so I'll have to invest in a good trailer as well. <p>Sound like I'm on the right track here?<p>-TGC
  6. HOMER

    HOMER LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,180

  7. cantoo

    cantoo LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,908

    TGC could you give us some square footage for the lawns you do? My wife does most of our cutting but we do mostly bigger properties. We have people with small lots calling us but haven't priced them, maybe we will start doing small lawns if the times and prices are good.
  8. columbiaplower

    columbiaplower LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 462

    go get a exmark metro 36in 12.5 hp add a velke u will do those lawns in 1/2 the time.<br>do it today. You are wasting your time with the little mowers
  9. OP

    TGCummings LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 773

    Okay, okay, I'm sold. I plan to go down and talk to my dealer about his line of Toro big machines very soon. If that doesn't fly, I'll drive out and talk to the Exmark guy nearby. JIC, would you recommend any online sites for research and/or purchasing?<p>In the meantime, I'll need to invest in a trailer. Any recommendations there?<p>Homer has convinced me I work too hard for my buck. Remind me not to tell him I got trained in the biz by my step-father who never bought us anything better than a $200 K-Mart bargain mower for the jobs we had to do. <p>(Needless to say the man never made money in the biz like I make money in the biz. :) )<p>Cantoo, my residentials range from dinky (I just stopped service on a lawn you almost couldn't turn a mower around on. Hey, they paid.) to lawns upwards of 10,000 square feet or more. Pricing ranges from $20 a month to $150 or more. I'm not doing too bad, but I'm beginning to realize that my 'hunches' early on were correct and I should've followed my instincts. I came minutes away from buying a big machine a little over a year ago. I guess there's still a lot of my frugal step-father in me after all. <p>Nonetheless, I'm learning. That's one thing I've never been afraid to do.<p>Again, I appreciate everyone's input. You've gone a long way to setting me straight on this. If you have any advice on a trailer (I have always worked out of the back of a Nissan Frontier pickup), I'd appreciate it. <p>Thanks again. :)<p>-TGC
  10. AB Lawn Care

    AB Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 585

    TGCummings<p>This is one area where I can really give you some help!I have run Walker mowers for 6 years now.They are awsome machines.But I do not suggest you buy one yet!Last year I bought a Scag 14hp dual hydro 36''.Bought it to replace most of the push-mower work.I now have a different outlook on walk-behinds.Even a 36'' will cut your time in 1/2.You do not need a rider just yet!I am thinking of switching to all walk-behinds!There is one big thing you must get though if you get a walk-behind.Get a dual hydro!!!!!!Yes it cost much more than a gear or belt.But it will pay for itself in no time flat!!!!!Trust me!!!!I hope this will help you out!<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care

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