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    I am a Registered Nurse by profession but I love working outdoors. Just like everyone else I started cutting co-workers lawn to earn a liitle extra money and to stay in shape. before I realized it I was doing 4-5 yards a day. that is pretty good for me. what aI need to know is How I really can start this into a business on paper? I know nothing about contracts or paying help and still staying making a profit. I have many co-workers asking and referring me daily so the business will be there I can no longer do it myself. I will need help, but dont know what to pay help me get organized please???????
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    Glad to hear that yo have a growing busines. It sounds like you have no plans on leaving your nursing career, at least not now. so the first thing you need to do is start interviewing for a "working foreman" somone that has a fai amount of field experience that has the neccessary qualities for supporvision. replacing yourself is one of the more difficult thing you will come accross while growing you company, but if you take the time to find the right individual, it will pay big dividends down the road. Aslo you will want to be very "selective" as to the size and kind of accounts you take on especially fi your time in the opperation will be limited. If you contact me with some more details of your situation, I can provide yo uwith some more specific advice.

    Good Luck!

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