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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Apr 6, 2004.


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    Ever price a job, then think maybe you priced it too high??? Here's the deal. Was doing a spring cleanup today and this lady stops by in her Lexus and asks me if i would give her an estimate on her place. I'm like, sure where do you live? She gives me directions. The driveway has a gated entrance and is 1/2 mile long. I'm drooling big time!!! This crib is worth at least a Mil if not more. Beds need edging, mulching etc...... I was worn out just walking the property to get an idea on what the mowing would be. She informs me that the last guy did a poor job. I price the mowing @ $95/cut. I'm thinking 2 hours Max. Plus the extra maintenance involved ( mulching, hedge trimming, etc...) will total way over $3,000. I ask her what the last guy charged her, and she tells me $75/cut. How long do I wait if I don't hear from her to call her?? I don't want to sound desperate, but I really want this account. I'm willing to come down on my mowing price if she commits to a total maintenance package. Do I buckle or hold tight???
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    Nice accounts I will call about 3 days later and just say I'm doing a follow up call on the estimate I left and if theres any questions or would like some references. Persistance pays off.
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    Once you start to knuckle under, it never stops. Stick to your guns.
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    On a job like this that you really want I would do the estimate on paper then give it to her. Then the next day mail pictures of other properties that you do to her. They will receive the pictures in about 3 days then call her to see if she got the pictures and ask if she has any questions. Hopefully the pictures will cement the deal for you.
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    She could be saying the last guy thing to try for a better rate.

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    OK LawnSite is being difficult!!!! My post wasn't posted. I did give her a estimate on paper. We started chatting and it turns out we belong to the same church (which I mow). Asked her if she knew so and so, which happens to be my signature account, and she said yes, we are best griends. I'm hoping this will seal the deal.
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    Don't sweat it...she didn't get that Lexus and 1M house on food stamps.She can afford your services, it's a matter of selling yourself and your level of service you can offer to her.Let her know why you are worth 20.00 more per week.. A follow up call is appropriate after 3-4 days, or a nice reminder card in the mail will do as well. Don't flex your price, or it will all be downhill from here on out.
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    Sometimes these people are the biggest cheapskates of all. I know you want the account but don't lower your price to the point where you're losing money.Hope you get it.
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    What he said.

    I actually had a guy say to me last night "I appreciate your persistance".:eek:

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