Upscale Trailer Parks Worth The Time?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eddie B, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. Eddie B

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    I've seen a thread on trailer parks before, and many trailer parks are messy/trashy, but theres a rather nice trailer park in the area with both single and double-wides. Many seniors live in this area, and this is a deed-restricted community where they are strict as far as appearance and maintenance of the community. These lawns are small, and this community has 2,000+ lawns. Each lawn would take an estimated 6-8 minutes, and i'd be charging about $10-15 per lawn (I feel like a lowballer throwing out these low prices, but these lawns are really, really small.) In addition, the lot rental management would like to pay me $25 to cut lawns that have not been maintained by the homeowners/renters (lawns that reach 5+ inches without being cut). Management would be paying me directly, and they bill the homowners along with the lot rental fees. My question is, does this seem like a reality? Should I bother messing with all these small lawns or should I avoid them? I'd like some opinions before I go sticking flyers on everyone's door and before I complete a contract with the management of this trailer park. I haven't delt with trailer parks like this before. thanks!
  2. jtkplc

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    The company I work for mows 4 trailer parks. They are all nice, not run down at all. We mow all of the common areas, vacant lots, repo's, and any home owners in the park that want their lawn mowed. We charge $15 a lawn, and with a 2 man crew working w/ a 52" Wright Stander and a blower and trimmer, we average 5 minutes a lawn. We have usually 3 crews running. We can get about 10 done in one hour which means $150 per hour per crew. $450 an hour for all 3 crews going. Minus wages, insurance, and other expenses, my boss is still netting a large majority of that. I'm not sure how exactly my boss bids on the common areas, but as far as the lots, it's very profitable. In fact, 2 of our trailer parks are almost an hour away. But my boss makes enough to pay us to drive all that way.
  3. captken

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    Now thats an oxymoron.
  4. Appalachian landscape

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    2000+ lawns X $10-$15 =a lot of money a week (to me anyway)

    2000*$10= $20,000 /week
    2000*$15= $30,000 /week
  5. jtkplc

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    There is no way 100% of the residents in a trailer park will want their lawn mowed. One trailer park we mow has 1200 residents, we mow about 10% of the homes there. Also, 5 minutes per lawn would be 10,000 minutes which would take about 5 days to do. Hope you don't have other jobs to do!
  6. Eddie B

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    I'm not bidding on the entire park. Each address is responsible for its own lawn maintenance, and they can pick whoever they want to do it, or they can maintain it themselves. But if they don't comply with the deed restrictions, I end up stepping in anyway and I get paid by the management to do their lawn. It doesn't seem like that bad of a deal. I'm just used to cutting lawns that range from 1/4 of an acre to 1.5 acres. These trailer park lawns are just so small.
  7. Appalachian landscape

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    hey, i'd be happy to mow for 5 days and make $20,000. I suspect I'm not the only one.
  8. ken0564

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    we have six we catch every other, it's on the way so why not. We always use closed deck to prevent throwing anything we might hit...oops. :dizzy:
  9. Darryl G

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    My aunt lives in an upscale trailer park and I do a little work there for here and some neighbors. The problem is that the place is saturated with lowballers and kids. There's only a few people willing to pay my price.
  10. chefdrp

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    i have some lawns in a nice trailer park. pays well and knock them out fast. I would do it if i were you.

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