upset customer - who is out of line?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by surfsk869, May 22, 2007.

  1. surfsk869

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    today my crew and i did completed a decent sized job at one of our clients houses. i billed her and all i got was a response saying how she thought it was too expensive. what do you guys think is the best course of action for this situation? here is the work we did

    - edged 30 yds of beds
    - cleaned/weeded beds and laid total of 4 yds mulch, of which we delivered and installed (cost of mulch is 43 dollars a yard at the local nursery)
    - mowed lawn and weedwhacked ( 1/3 acre)
    - 4 labor hours cleaning random brush/debris from yard and driveway

    total bill = 598

    what do you think?
  2. Midwest Lawn Services

    Midwest Lawn Services LawnSite Member
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    didn't you quote her an initial price...or give an estimate the both of you agreed on?
  3. sheshovel

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    I think you did that job too cheap. You of course should ALWAYS give an estimate in writing to your client and have them sign it and get an ok to go ahead. That way they have at least an idea ahead of around the amount they are going to have to spend.
    Regardless of that, that you are more than fair on your price. Insist on payment you performed the work requested by her and she has to pay you now. Simply tell her that. You can also tell her that you did not charge her for p/up and delivery and you did not mark-up your material like is the norm. Also you probably did not charge her removal of debris and dump fees either.
  4. AGLA

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    Labor charges should run 35-50 in MA (140-200), mowing 1/3 Ac might be $40, mulch delivered and placed is about $65 per yard. You might be a little high. If your laborers are slow or inefficient, you might be charging too much.

    You should also buy your materials from wholesalers to reduce your overhead.
  5. Doster's L & L

    Doster's L & L LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you didn't give her an estimate IN WRITING that the both of you agree on, then this lady is taking you to the school of hard knocks. So take notes and study up boy. :))
  6. Plant Buyer 83

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    SheShovel & Doster L&L are right, NEVER do any job unless you give them a estimate and they have signed it. But otherwise I hope this gets resolved (in your favor). Let us now how it turns out.

  7. GreenN'Clean

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    I never do any job unless the customer agrees to the price and signs an agreement
  8. capetan

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    if you gave even a verbal estimate for 600, she shouldnt be upset, if you did the job without any type of estimate you might not be getting paid :(, even if she does pay you, DONT DO ANYMORE WORK FOR HER, stuff like this will always come up,
    a signed written agreement before the work and half down to start the project is normally a good start,
    *i just had a similar experience with a job for a "friend of a friend", it was a several day project, i took no money down.............. let just say my backside got tilted
  9. Stillwater

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    your price seems fair but like sheshovel said you appear to be a little low 2 men on a job for 4 hrs. is 8 man hours. you do realise that right? mulch mark up is 15 percent you should have added 17.20 to your cost of the mulch.
  10. DBL

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    43 dollars a yard for mulch does it have gold in it

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