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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bingham Brothers, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Bingham Brothers

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    I just had a customer e-mail and inform me that his yard has been ruined by grubs and he thinks that it is my fault! I have over 100 accounts and I have not seen any evidence of grubs in any of them. Is it possible to transfer grubs or anything else from yard to yard. He said he has to resod and then he will consider letting me continue, but only if I use his mower. I plan on thanking him for his business and moving on-- I would like to let him know it's not possible to transfer grubs- is it????
  2. grandview (2006)

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    If you were cutting weekly did you notice any difference? How about neighbors lawn did the grubs move over? Do you do the lawn care also?
  3. LushGreenLawn

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    I'm not sure if it is possible to transfer grubs, but why didn't he treat for grubs before it got bad enough that his lawn needed to be "re-sodded"?
  4. Jason Rose

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    Your customer is a certified MORON. There is no way possible to transfer GRUBWORMS from one lawn to the next with a mower!!! Plus, what time of the year did this damage occur?? Am I understanding that this just happened, just now coming out of winter? Grubs are not feeding now anyway, so damage now would be impossible.

    Yes it's possible to transfer some fungi and weed seeds from lawn to lawn with a mower, but usually the amounts are minute at best, nothing that is going to kill off a lawn. The idea of hundreds of grubs latching onto your mower to take a ride to greener pastures is simply comical at best, yet sad that this guy thinks he can pull one over on the lawn guy. I guess you are lucky he's not wanting you to pay for the repairs (that are in no way your fault). I'd gather some info on grubs and their life cycles and where they come from and mail it to him with a cancelation letter.
  5. DeereHauler

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    haha, thats a good one...

    customers play this game:

    have a problem, blame the lawn guy, make him feel guilty, and maybe he'll give me a nice new lawn for FREE since i was too cheap to take care of it from the start! and there you have it!

    or tell him theres a special breed of grubs that jump out of the dirt while your mowing at 10mph, while your blades are spinning and ride your mower from lawn to lawn...hahaha you must have a "special" customer.

    tell him thanks and good bye, i did yesterday to a snow customer, it felt sooooo good.
  6. rob7233

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    Find out where he got his information. His problems could have come from a number of different sources. Grubs are the larvae stage of Chafers (many species) which fly in and lay eggs which later develop and feed. Ask him how many grubs per square foot he found when tested and who did the testing. If he really knew what he was talking about, he'd already know that you didn't spread them to his yard.

    PM me and I'll give you some suggestions on where to go to get some info to help him understand that it just isn't very likely. His lawn decline could be from a number of reasons, likely more than a single cause. This is a good opportunity to educate the customer and be an advocate instead of the target to blame.
  7. Focal Point Landscapes

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    Chinch bugs , sod webworms, various fungi, improper watering ,fertililization , or herbicide application ,can cause major damage to a lawn , even kill it in some instances . Grubs will not kill a lawn , period. You can take up a square of sod in most yards and find several per square foot . Your customer is totally misinformed , particularly if he thinks you brought grubs in on your equipment. Rob is right on with his advice - find where he got his information . But the idea that this customer blames you wrongly for his problem raises issues that suggest to me that you should move on . What if he has a subsequent problem and wants you to pay for it ?
  8. Runner

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    Holy MACKERAL! Where did you EVER hear this??? Grubs can and will annihilate a lawn in few short weeks. I've seen it happen time and time again. Once the root system is chewed off, the grass has no or limited uptake. In normal conditions, if the grub population reaches threshold levels or more, the lawn is doomed if left untreated. Last fall was sort of an exception for us, because we kept getting many rains, so it masked the problem by keeping the sod on the surface green. Here, they are already back up to the surface, and they are feeding again. We found some today one inch below the surface.
  9. Green Thumb Mowing Srvcs.

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    Wow, I've seen many a lawn ruined by grubs! six or eight per sq.ft. indicates a problem IMO.
  10. rob7233

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    Yes, Grubs can and do kill lawns. Many other factors play into the overall health of the lawn. All these insect, fungi, bacteria and viruses are always present in just about every lawn but are waiting for the right combinations of conditions to arise to a level of a threshold point to where visible damage can be seen. We all know, all sorts of stresses can cause this threshold point to be lowered.

    The point being, this customer is attempting to blame the LCO for his SUPPOSED grub problem. Is it really grubs or something else?Were they at a level that they were the PRIMARY cause of the decline? Who knows? Only qualified testing can and should have been done to determine this. Hopefully the correct problem was treated before the new sod went in or it'll only be a matter of time when the same cause will rise to a threshold to kill the new lawn. It's not possible for the grubs to "ride" the mower to a new site. It's pretty hard for them to do this when they are at root level or lower. I don't think you're mowing dirt so, GORK (god only really knows) where this PITA customer got his info. Chances are it was bad anyway.... I would definitely ask though.

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