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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Frontier-Lawn, Jun 9, 2012.

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    We are a lawn and landscape company in Sarasota county based out of north port FL started in 2004 www.frontierlawn.biz
    Thursday our truck and trailer with all our equipment was stolen from my house and the truck was recovered in plant city with no lawn trailer nor equipment.
    The truck from what I was told had the radio and door lock and ignition stripped out of it which will be fixed soon. But after 9 years in biz I do not want to have to close due to this. State farm say I have to wait 25 days to see money for the trailer only.
    The reason I am writing today is to try to make a deal with you for your equipment I would like to make payments to you or rent yours once I get a new trailer after truck is fixed. If I can’t get this problem fixed by next Thursday I will be forced to close since none of my clients will want to go more than a week with out there grass cut.

    we need;

    trailer open or enclosed
    48" mower
    21" self propeled
    hedge trimmer
    gas pole saw
    back pack blower

    thanks for your time to read this.

    please post if you can help
  2. twobroslawns

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    Sorry i can't help, but I would suggest you find another LCO in your area and pay them to do your lawns for a few weeks, and you can ride with them to ensure that everything is being done well enough for the time being.

    Good luck.
  3. nighthawk117

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    Contact your dealer and rent a mower, talk to friends , someone must have a trailer you can borrow for a while ? Hell, if you were closer I would be more than happy to help ya out ! There has got to be someone in your area. :confused:
  4. djlunchbox

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    Damn sorry to hear that. Post pics of your equipment in case someone sees it in your area, maybe you can find out who did it.
  5. TinMan1

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    wish i was closer to help

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