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Urgent!! Please read!!!!!


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I hope that this thread will stay where I put it because I would like as many people to view it as possible.....

Ok guys, some help is needed here. Gary Gray, who owns Millenniumweather.com has permanently discontinued his winter weather discussion due to lack of funds. If anybody can help him out please check out www.millenniumweather.com and please donate what you can to keep his site up and running. the site offers many, many weather forecasts including radar and the like for tropical climates as well as winter weather info. Just check out the site, it has all of his contact info. This was at one point and time a great site for any and all weather info, but it cannot all be done for free. So please, just donate a few dollars, or what you can afford to help out this great site.



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Sure I'll donate. If he can CHANGE the weather. Too many weather sites, out there for free. TOO MANY!

Mlc gmc03

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hey come on guys this isnt a time to put the site down, ya maybe u have a better one to go to but would it really hurt some people areound here to give a few bucks to a guy in need you all talk about your new z's and trucks so help out this guy and maybe he will take your suggestions and make the sight a lil easier to use


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Atlanta, GA
URGENT! PLEASE READ! MY $130 cable TV and internet bill just arrived and I want help paying it. I don't provide any service of enough value for people to pay me for , but since I answer a few questions here and there I'm obviously worthy of your charity.

Good grief. What a welfare state mentality we're developing.


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I would suggest to him to charge a fee


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bruce you're mean