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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by pcarlson1911, Sep 25, 2006.

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  2. N&CLandscaping

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    Not Very Good :( Not one picture but the small on in the front and it was just boring and made me exit it as soon as possible. Sry but its true. Give it more color and appeal
  3. pcarlson1911

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    that the thread was in regards to the URL as oppsed to the site.
    I registered the URL on wedesday, so it is a work in progress, and I think I've gotten a lot done since wednesday.

    Thanks for taking the time to look, and I will post back when the site is "Ready to roll."

  4. prostriper

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    Are you sure you want to do free fall cleanups? You could really end up screwing yourself doing that. I have som lawns that can be mowed in 20-30 min but we spend 2+ hrs on the fall cleanup.
  5. pcarlson1911

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    I have a bagging system on my tiger cub, so I'm going to be doing a fall cleanup every time I mow in the fall, so that will be worked into the price. there will be a bit of extra time blowing out the beds, but that is part of our weekly service as well, so I just have to make sure I bid with this in mind.
  6. SodKing

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    I would get rid of the photoshopped house pic unless you use it to showcase design services
  7. WebMan

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    Please give him a break.
    I inserted the picture, not him. It is not "photoshopped" other than resized, but was a small picture I had from someone else's web site I had done some work on a while back that I knew the owner of that's site's customers would never see on a lawn-related site.
    He has just started working on his site and I just stuck a sample photo in as an example of how to position photos etc...don't blame him for it. I don't have a library of lawn mowing photos laying around and thought that was just a nice looking house and it was already "web size".
    He's just getting going on his site so I uploaded him an "example" to play with.
    He didn't ask a "what do you think of my site" question yet, and really only asked me how to block the robots from finding it for the search engines like I have posted about here several times... I took it on myself to do the photo, didn't know it would get him criticized. :eek:
  8. SodKing

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    Well I only critiqued the pic because if I was going to show someone what a design study would look like I would include a "what if" house that theirs could resemble...If I were however going to show an example of my maintenance work, I wouldn't include a photoshopped pic...(our design software produces pics similar to that one and it looks photoshopped.)

    as to the URL that the original post asked about, its fine. The URL and name of the company don't have to be related, as long as the engines pic it up...
  9. pcarlson1911

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    My site has a long way to go, but it is getting there! It wouldn't be quite this far if it wasn't for the help Don has given me!

    My wife and I took somephotos yesterday, and started posting them on the site.

    I need to get heron the other side ofthe camera, as she is much better looking than I am!

    Please keep checking back guys and do let me know what you think!

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