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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Jul 20, 2011.


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    I'm in cool blue. I feel for my Texas brethren. Been there and did that since I was 16.

  2. jlouki01

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    Heat index of 110 today here in Ohio. You can see the air:)

    Figures we are working on the largest system we have done all year.
  3. Stuttering Stan

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    I'm breaking a sweat just looking at Texas.
    It's upper 90's here. I worked till noon and said screw it.
  4. Mike Leary

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    I ***** about living in #1 since it's the wettest, coldest summer I can remember, but compared to what you guys are going through, I'll take it.

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    Ya know looking at big red Texas makes a man proud. What a big interesting state of mind.
  6. Without A Drought

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    i feel sorry for you texans, but i imagine you're used to it. NJ is gonna be nutso over the weekend. Everything is cooking here. all of my sites need adjustments, i had a well pump go down yesterday, and planting division decided to do a S-load of replacements last week.

    im very happy to be busy, but i'm ready for blowouts. and by blowouts, i mean i'm ready for snow season.

  7. Sprinkus

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    This is the time of year we pay for no snow or ice and moderate temperatures during the winter, along with raking in tons of dough trying to keep everyone's plant material alive.
  8. Wet_Boots

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    Time to kick back and let an answering machine go to work. :)
  9. mitchgo

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    Someone calculated it out.. This summer so far in seattle we have had 74 mintues of temps being higher then 80 degree's total.

    Yeah yesterdays high in seattle was like 64

    today was closer to 70

    May be 80 by monday!!
  10. DanaMac

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    Ok that's it, I'm moving to Seattle. :)
    Actually, the GF has been looking at Seattle, and other places, for more education.

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