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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Dripit good

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    It's expected to reach at least 100 here today.

    The heat index at 7:00am was already 88-92 in the surrounding areas.

  2. Mark Oomkes

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    You're a jerk. lol

    Enjoy it, really, enjoy every minute of it.
  3. mitchgo

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    Pass that heat out this way. I want 90 ++.. Least then I can go swimming without being cold

    This is the sort of crap that makes me want to move

    We had a miserably wet and cold winter.. One of the coldest and wettest springs recorded.. And summer isn't even here

    Typically Mid June to Mid september is our time to have nice weather... We deserve it.. Going months on end in the winter without seeing sunshine takes a huge toll and when these months come with usually 3 months of sun everyday you get to appreciate it. But no!:cry::cry:
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  4. bcg

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    Come on now, used to it? You saw it said Record Warmest, right? It's felt like August here since late May and I can tell you surviving an August outdoors in Tx is no small feat. This has been the most brutal summer I can recall, not only record heat but literally NO rain. We're 16" behind for the year right now, and that's after being 6" ahead at the end of Jan. Finally some scattered storms this week but what we've gotten has been like 1/4" in some areas, at most. A normal July is about 3" and so far we've officially gotten .14" this month. It's freakin' insane and I, for one, am NOT used to it. :dizzy
  5. JDiepstra

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    That map is not accurate for michigan!
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    I remember my first year in the biz Dallas had an unbelievable heat wave. I was trying to start my biz, do plans, install jobs, play softball, on a dart team, had a girlfriend.... it was one of the most miserable summers of my life. I was seriously doubting my decision to start a business in irrigation but there was so much work and I was making a lot more money than my buddies so I reminded myself it was about perserverance...friggin perseverance. That heat wave would have killed me at this age trying to do all that stuff. Every time I think about coming back to Texas I look at the temps and say NO WAY. Love ya man but I just can't deal with the heat no more.
  7. irritation

    irritation LawnSite Gold Member
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    Agreed, that map sucks. It's the hottest streak here in 70 years.
  8. Wet_Boots

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    Congrats on your perseverance. I remember an install that summer (Minipaws!) where the temps cleared 100, and I bailed for an afternoon or two at a nearby DQ, playing pinball and drinking Mister Misty slush drinks
  9. irritation

    irritation LawnSite Gold Member
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    :laugh: ...Oh yeah, the good old days.
  10. irritation

    irritation LawnSite Gold Member
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    DQ parking lot was OUR hang out. I had the best tan, girl and the hottest car. A 1971 El Camino SS 454.

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