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Discussion in 'Franchising' started by BBallkid42, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. BBallkid42

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    I just learned that a buddy of mine (also my competition) might be investing into becoming a US Lawns franchise. Does anybody have any experience with this company or what it might be? My first impression is that it is a scam to take your money and be able to call yourself a US Lawns franchise. I have heard word that my buddy might be going under soon so this news confuses about his future. Any opinions are fine
  2. Patriot Services

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    There is a huge sticky at the top of this forum on this. Chances are your buddy thinks 29 grand buys him an instant business. Not so much. You are just paying for a name and a franchise area. No accounts, but when you do get USL will want their piece of the pie.
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  3. 205mx

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    SCAM. tell him to back out. or if you want him to tank, tell him to go for it.
  4. RoyalTree

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    I think it makes sense for some people. it gives you an instant image and that is what it takes to land large customers sometimes. the guy that I know that has the local franchise is doing great.
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  5. lukemelo216

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    95% of people on this site or that you talk to will tell you no done do it, it isnt worth it becasue of blah blah blah. I have talked with franchises before becaue I have been seriously interested in them. You can not make a decision on it with out serious in depth research about the company. There should be a salesmen hes talking to to find out information about the company, answer questions that he comes up with (Which he should have a lot of) and go from there.

    like royal tree said, it makes sense for some, others it doesnt, and a good salesman will tell you that, and tell the interested franchisee that he doesnt believe he would be a good fit for that franchise like one has told me before.

    The nice thing about a franchise is, they have done all the leg work for the company, yes you still have some but your not developing all sorts of systems, rules etc. Thats what that initial start up fee covers (which most are willing to finance inhouse, you dont usually need to pay every penny right away.) They give you all sorts of tools, software, bidding information, to work with. And no you dont get all sorts of accoutns from them, you may get a few, but majority of them do have managers that work with you to get certain accounts.

    Plus there are some good perks too, fanchises have big ins with companies and you get a pretty good price on a lot of services, products etc. Most have marketing depts so you dont have to design ads, they will for you.

    It works for some, it doesnt for some. You just really have to get past everyone saying no no no no, and dig through the facts. If it makes sense, go for it. And your not going to get any good solid information that will make you decide from people on here. You need to TALK to the franchise and discusss it with them.
  6. h2oskier

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    Well here's something to think about. Lets say you are in the market to open a hamburger business, and you allready know how to make a pretty mean burger, question do you look into buying into the Mc Donalds franchise or do you go at it on your own creation?

    Thing is if you can make a better burger, why would you want to do it someone elses way?
    Now you have to pay the franchise for there marketability and such, when you allready know how to make a pretty significant burger right?

    Point is if you have been on this site for any amount of time, there is a guy named Sean Adams that has basically laid out for you in detail how to do it just as big if not bigger than most of the franchises, USLawns, Grounds Guy ect.

    But now on the other hand, lets say you have no idea how to market yourself, have no idea how to reach out and use the wonderfull thing called google then hey give it a shot. But all to many have done this and found out they could of done it better on there own.
  7. BPS##

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    If your buddy competitor is about to go under he is not getting a US Lawns franchise either to pull his bacon out of the fire.

    The minimum financial requirement to open a U.S. Lawns franchise in the United States is $175,000 net worth with a minimum of $35,000 in liquid assets plus the ability to cover living expenses for the first full year of business.
  8. Texas Lawn

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    its bad for some, good for others. Those companies would not be in business and growing if they didnt know what they were doing. Some people want to manage one or two crews and thats it. That person should not buy a franchise, its a waste of money. If you want to be a large operator and have systems to help you grow, its a good idea because it saves you a lot of stess and headache.

    Bottom line, dont listen to anyone on here, dont even listen to the salesperson. Listen to the franchisees. They are the best source of information.
  9. Patriot Services

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    News flash! The franchise model does not work in the lawn service business. If it did you would see a lot more brands out there. Unless you have significant financial resources and a high net worth no franchise will even waste their time with you.
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    owned by valley crest

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