US Lawns Franchise?

Discussion in 'Franchising' started by BBallkid42, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. GreenGuysLC

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    We have a new one here in my territory... nice new truck.. new JD propane Z-turns.... new trailer.... walked into some nice commercial accounts.... some which I had due to US not having a local guy ..I just laugh when I see the money invested.. the extra paperwork he is doing to satisfy USL.. and wonder when the hell he is gonna cut this Shopping Center that he was suppose to have taken over?????

    I built my own Franchise in 12 way... and it has worked
  2. blk90s13

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    Great if you want someone to come in tell you what to do what to wear what color trucks to buy etc

    And on top take a cut out of my work ? no thanks
  3. LandFakers

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    A guy up the street from me is pretty high up in the US Lawns food chain. I spoke with him once about it and he basically said that yes, it is alot of money off the start... but they do a huge amount of the legwork as far marketing, advertising, systems for billing and such, can get you equipment for extremely low costs, and they are ONLY commercial. He said that there is money to be made in the residential market but there is also more running around and that homeowners hated the fact of signing a contract, unlike commercial properties that it is usually required. He explained to me that it is not for everybody, including myself, as it ties up alot of money and is a great option for larger outfits that just need a little more help to get them past their previous goals revenue wise.
  4. w.a.reid

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    i agree - ive cut for 17 years - been a vocal and friendly contractor for the last 8 years - my 'number one' friend/driver/team leader decided $15 an hour was not enough money - so he quit...and started knocking on my accounts doors to start his own lawn care - his goal was to take 30 of my accounts...he got 3.

    lawn service is very personal and no two lawns the same - this business is too personal - my clients LIKE me and the 3 that didnt know me went with Manuel.

    i have combinations to peoples back yards - their garages and sometimes their front doors - they know and trust me....not my business name or affiliation.

    my clients DO NOT want just any face mowing...they want the same face mowing.

    i dont see how i can be franchised - and those clients that just pick up a phone and call on a generic lawn service - a franchise - are also the ones you lose to a $5 decrease in hourly rate.

    i like the clients that give me christmas money and ask how my kids are doing - cannot franchise me - or rent me out - or copy me.

    im in texas - there are a lot of hispanic lawn service owner/operators - they force the hourly rate down around here - we all use the same equipment and buy from the same dealers - what sells me the me.

    comb your hair - keep facial tattoos to a minimum - sound educated - and be punctual - thats what youre selling.

    for the most part...any strong back and weak mind can push a mower. what sets you apart from the competition is YOU.

    i am...W.A.Reid...for all of your landscape needs.
  5. Four_Seasons

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    Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm in the EXACT situation. A lot of competition but a smile, handshake, and brief friendly conversation every visit goes a LONG way.
  6. Mahoney3223

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    U think it does but it doesn't. $$$ rules everything. Eventually that cheaper price they've been offered will be too enticing
  7. Four_Seasons

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    Depends on how good of a salesman you are :p
  8. rockycrab

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    We recently picked upmaintainenance on some properties in the Portland Metro area for US Lawns as subcontractors.
    They are national commercial properties.
    There was some US Lawn trucks around last year.
    I guess they folded.
  9. w.a.reid

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    pffft.... my first account is still with me ....after 16 years. you do not know what you are talking about.

    price can only come down so low.

    every mowron starts off taking jobs at any price...then they slowly start increasing their prices as their account list grows...being able to afford to lose a few accounts due to price hike. those accounts that get 'lost' will continually deal with service turnover...thats their problem - i have none of those...ive taken them on before - try them out - when they start costing me too much time with dickering over price versus quality and experience then i lose them or just use them to fill rainy-day gaps. they usually dont even make the account list...just get penciled in.

    im not saying im so friendly i can price gouge my accounts - i have the same rate others advertise - $30-$35 per man per hour.

    there are a lot of mowrons out there - but they are morons with a mower - and are also likely to get out of this business as soon as Uncle Sucker checks come in - or they finally land that kwiky-mart counter job they dreamed about.

    my people know im in this business for life - thats what they want - friendly - native english speaker - well-educated ....and i know my stuff. mowers can be pushed by anyone - but it takes skills to let a person know why and how you are pushing the lawnmower the way you do.

    im no mowron - so if a person over 60 approaches friendly, educated and before
  10. Four_Seasons

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    There are two ways to run a company. And honestly you can make an extremely good living by staying independent. Both have their pros and cons.

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